Levi Johnston Playgirl Cover: Revealed!

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While his baby mama's mama is under fire for hilariously writing notes on her bare hand, Levi Johnston makes one thing clear in the latest issue of Playgirl:

He's comfortable in his bare skin.

The magazine is relaunching its print edition with this issue, as it's anchored by an article titled "Levi Johnston Goes Rogue."

The accompanying pictorial includes an interview with Johnston, who is the father to Bristol Palin's one-year old son, Tripp. He's embroiled in a patrimony lawsuit with the Palins, which seems odd:

Based on the picture below, he doesn't appear to have any money on him, does he?

Playgirl Cover

For those that need more than just a few Levi Johnston nude photos, take note: a Playgirl pay-per-view special airs on cable February 12. Check your local listings.

And to critics that find it appalling for Johnston to milk his fame in such a shameful manner, we agree. Seriously, it would be akin to a former Vice Presidential candidate exploiting her children and grandchild on the cover of a tabloid.

But no serious-minded politican would do that, right?


Neat picture of a good looking man. Hope he makes many more babies and has a good life in whatever he does.


This is a rip off. Dont buy into it. What Playgirl will never tell you....you will never see his privates


A one(1) year old son, and you wear the birthday suit.
With his "Dear"face and "Bare" A$$
He does not need to be on the cover.
He needs to cover up!!


@ for real though: it's a question of hypocrisy. Levi can't be a deadbeat dad - he was never well-off. He's simply a deadbeat and always was. He just happened to knock up a 17-year old. It's no one's business....
.. but Palin made up a story about an engagement, paraded him in front of the nation at the RNC and then told the media her kids were off limits... AND then posed on a supermarket tabloid cover with her children for wads of cash. You really don't see a difference here?
If Palin simply admitted she was a celebrity only interested in attention and money, it would be entirely fine and we'd have no problem with her.


But, but, but... they told me that the Palins were good Christians!
They would never let their young daughter fornicate and then give birth to a little bastard by this high-school drop-out, deadbeat teen stud!...Woops, I guess that holy Sarah Palin's did let that slip... How Christian to be a young slut??!!--not!
Not to mention Palin's conviction for AK ethics violations! (AHEM!)


It's a good thing they have Photoshop!


Levi is going to be plastered on walls of male prisons everywhere!


you compare this to the mother/daughter cover sarah did w/ her son & grandson??? serisouly, you lefties are aware of the double standard and sickening hypocrisy....there is not a single comparison between the two magazines, or their photos!! look at this jerk for what he is & stiop supporting him simply because you don't like sarah...he is a deadbeat dad sack of shit, who is pimping himself out for himself, not for his son...take note you dumbasses


Okay he's a good looking guy and all but really? Is this necessary? I don't think so.


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