Take This, Tabloids!

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We hoping you're reading this, OK! Weekly.

Move a little closer to the screen, In Touch.

Angelina Sabotage!

Feast your eyes on the photos below, Star.

Amidst utterly contrived rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up - with the former pursuing Jennifer Aniston, and the latter going after Johnny Depp - the couple brought son Maddox to Super Bowl XLIV. They don't exactly look like a family in trouble, do they?

Pitt and Jolie, who reside in New Orleans and have dedicated time/money to the rebuilding efforts there, joined friends in a VIP box to watch the game. They celebrated together as the Saints upset the Colts 31-17.

And while the classy couple would never say it, allow us to get inside Brangelina's head when the pair later laid a Super Bowl smooch on one another: Eff you, tabloids!

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