Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler: On (Again)?

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Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler back together? Are they even together at all? Were they ever apart? These questions are all very much unclear.

Well, to us anyway. Star has no problem asserting that Jen and Gerard are once again an item ... even if they probably never really were to start with.

Apparently The Bounty Hunter co-stars are holed up in a $9,000/night suite, and have been sipping margaritas - wait, wait for it - at night! OMFG!

It's her "second chance romance" in Mexico, after all, and she's making the most of it. You can pretty much cement their status as a couple now...

Jen and Gerard: So On!

IT'S ON AGAIN: Was it ever off? Is it really on? Who knows!

It seems like only yesterday that Jennifer Aniston was getting back with Brad Pitt, according to this same publication, because it pretty much was. Oh well.

At least one person is probably happy to read this: Angelina Jolie. Not only is Jen apparently moving on from Brad, but she looks pretty rough in that bikini.

The pic may be from 2002, but still. Rough!


Her body is sick!! I have to keep telling myself these people don't have 9-5 jobs, school and bills. They have the $$ got baby sitters, personal trainers and home gyms.


I think it's just OK if they both together again. Anyway they don't have any commitment to other people..they're both single so there's nothing wrong with that.Jen, just keep on going.Make your life to the fullest.You're beautiful so shine on it!


She looks like she has a lipo scar and she does look rough. She does not look terrible but she does not look great either. This woman vacations, tans and makes terrible movies. This is a blog and the blogger can write whatever they like - stop telling them to leave her alone. stay off of the blog if you cannot handle the posts, Jennifer and friends.


Jennifer looks great! Also she has said that she and Gerard are just friends! Don't know what your beef is with Jennifer! She seems like a lovely person, has real friends and is a wonderful role model for young girls! A female in the media that doesn't starve of herself!


pmsl at the way they crop photos the small photo of jen and gerry were 2 seperate ones look how they have wots it called photo opt or wot ever, its all fake lol anyway so wot if they are or not. gooo onnn jen sue star's butt girl for writing bull once again lol


Err..woman looks good. Maybe that was sarcasm...who knows


Rough? She looks great! If she looks rough I would hate to think how I would be described.


I always loved motor-boating my tongue between those flapjacks! Yo go Jen! U still make my member throb and burst in my pants...those were the days! Your canyon is getting a little deep and worn out by now...can I recommend a vaginaplasty surgeon?


I don't know if they are together or not but all I know is this woman is so so so so so so so so so so Hot so Sexy and any man will be lucky and happy to be with her and I do believe they are a couple a very hot one .


Leave Jennifer alone. Her life is none of your business.

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