Jennifer Aniston Hearts Gerard Butler

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Jennifer Aniston may be back with Brad Pitt according to tabloid reports that are hilariously manufactured, but she is still Gerard Butler’s biggest fan.

In fact, she's been praising her co-star in The Bounty Hunter so much, she's fueling long-standing rumors that the hotties are more than just friends.

“We just had so much fun together you know. He’s just fun. Gerry’s the most unpretentious guy,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood in a new interview.

“He’s definitely a guys guy, but he’s absolutely the most lovely, sort of self-deprecating and just what you see is what you get,” she says of Gerry.

“We look at work the same way. We always have each other’s back.”

Jen and Gerard

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler: More than chums?

As the mother of Ali Fedotowsky told Jake Pavelka last night on The Bachelor, that's the most important thing in a relationship! You better have her back, Gerard!

Jen is celebrating her 41st birthday at a resort in Cabo San Lucas. Friends on hand include Courteney Cox Arquette, Jason Bateman, Sheryl Crow, and Butler himself.

So, how does she feel about turning a staggering 41? “Thirty-one, pssh,” she jokes. “It’s quite lovely I have to say. 30 was a hump but you know 31 is fabulous."

This isn't the first time Jen has gotten flirty with the hunky Scotsman. What do you think? Would they make a cute couple? Or would they be better as friends?




They seem to have a great time together and they both deserve
to be happy. They share a love and devotion to their craft
and they both seem to be REAL people, not acting phonies.
I hope they share their friendship together for many years
and don't let crazy readers influence their decission to be
good faithful friends. There are so few REAL friends in the
world today, and especially in their world. Hold on to each
other tightly,guys. Forget the rest of the world and what
they say, friendship is a truly beautiful experience.


they have both denied being together, but if they were it would be so awesome. she's enjoying her life and they're good friends. unlike some people, jen isn't desperate enough to settle down and have kids with the first guy who's willing to knock her up. she can take all the time she needs, she is beautiful, and she just seems to look better and better


Aniston better land someone soon. At 41, she's on the downhill slide to cougar hell.


I really hope they turn out to be a couple. They both look great and seem to have a sense of humor. I do not think it is PR for a movie - They have been in other movies and not dated their co stars.


This will not go anywhere like all the others. There doesn't appear to be any chemistry.


I hope their acting in that photograph is not a preview of their acting in this new movie. Lame. Obvious PR moves for the new flik.
Hot? Yea, about as hot as one of those matrons in Housewives of Wherever.


I agree what Tea said. Both of them are not ready for a serious relationship. I wish, Jen will find the right guy soon. She is very classy, talented, hard working, intellegent and sweet-hearted. I really want to know who will be the luckiest guy to win excellent Jen's heart.


They are both hot and as much as I would like to see them as a couple, I believe them when they say they are just friends. To pak31, She has not been "thru" as many men as the Tabs would like you to think. Plus, After having your husband turn out to be Lifes Biggest Disapointment it is really hard to settle down. It takes a long time to trust anyone again.


I don't know about this guy, I just have a strange hunch that he is a sleazeball. He did bang Lindsey Lohan after all.

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