David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks: No Air, Lots of Talent

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Not so fast, Aaron Kelly!

While American Idol viewers are already comparing the aforementioned season nine contestant with David Archuleta, the former runner-up proved this week that he won't be replaced without a fight.

The talented young singer took to the stage with Jordin Sparks at the 2010 Jordin Sparks Experience, a pre-Super Bowl event held at Miami Beach on Wednesday night. Don't they look adorable together?

The former American Idol alumni performed a duet to “No Air," the single Sparks originally made famous with Chris Brown.

Could she have replaced Brown with anyone more opposite from him? We doubt it. This, of course, is a big compliment to David. The day he beats his girlfriend is the day Jon Gosselin starts caring about his kids.

Watch the pair entertain the crowd below.


Didn't care for Jordin's announcer. He could have openly thanked
David as a guest. Jordin's people tend to be classless and selfish. How dare they insult David by not mentioning his name at the end. Those agents for Jordin, Mylee, Lovato always want to use
the popularity of David Archuleta and take advantage of it and then shun him in the end. I hope David gets with a new management.
I could smell a deciever on his behalf and hope that he'll find one soon. Jive is just so jive. Not promoting David enough. It takes his hard core fans to take care of business for David to get it right. And that Aaron Kelly is laughable. No way does he remind you of David. HA he only wishes.


Donna Says:
February 6th, 2010 3:40 PM Personality wise, David is like the male Taylor Swift. They both come across as very young, innocent and sweet. Fortunately, he sings a bit better than Taylor aka the "voice of her generation". Donna, a bit better??? Gee, how insulting! Taylor Swift should ONLY STICK to writting songs and leave FLAT COW WALLER alone!!!


BRILLIANT!! They need to sing together again! David is on fire--his next CD is gonna be awesome!!


I loved this duet! I never realized how similar their styles and vocals are. They really ought to do an album together or at least tour together!!!!


I love Jordin Sparks & Feat. David Archuleta version however; Chris Brown still sing "No Air" better. He has a better tone and I even think blend with Jordin's voice better. Now, I love Guy Sebastian & Feat. Jordin Sparks "Art of Love"! There blend of voices are EXCELLENT! Now, I would LOVE to hear Jordin sing "No Air" with Guy Sebastian. That would be a REAL MATCH of vocals.


Just love the No Air duets with David & Jordin, absolutely AMAZING!! We look forward to hopefully more duets in the future with these two incredibly talented & really wonderful role models!!


to all idiots who say bad things about chris brown, "you should be beat in the head with a shoe!"


This performance was so good and I appreciated the fact that it was between two of the nicest, caring and great role models in this crazy business. They just sang their hearts out and their voices soared! I hope they can do a duet together again.


David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks sound amazing together! I've lost count as to how many times I've watched the videos of them performing "No Air". They rocked it for sure. David and Jordin are two very talented people with great voices. I always enjoy watching and listening to David perform and I can't wait for his next album to be released.


David & Jordin sound amazing together! I hope they record a song together in the future!! Love them!!!

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