Chris Brown & Naomi Campbell: Together For Haiti

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Haiti relief efforts will not cease ... nor should they.

Naomi Campbell was the latest to pitch in, throwing a Fashion for Relief runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Among the attendees? Chris Brown.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

So many violent thoughts together in one place. At least it was for a good cause this time. Earthquake relief tops thrown phones and pummeled ex-girlfriends.

Helena Christensen, Selita Ebanks, Agyness Deyn, Kelly Osbourne, Malin Ackerman and others did their thing on the catwalk, sure. But Chris Brown in a tux?

That really got the audience going.

Chris Brown, Naomi Campbell and others united for Haiti.

"[Events like this] are definitely important, not necessarily for me," Brown told E! News. "It's important for Haiti because you get a chance to see artists and entertainers and fashion icons come together to do something nice for a good cause."

"It's very humbling being able to come and help, it's nice to see."

Nothing you can say negatively about that classy attitude, or the collaborations by so many celebrities to help this case, such as the We Are the World remake.

Rachel Zoe pulled together the 92 looks for the fashion show, including the moving finale tribute to Alexander McQueen that had the models holding back tears.


Whether you guyz like it or not, Chris is gonna be Chris and he's still gonna rock.


You put "for Haiti" at the end of anything nowadays and you're not allowed to comment negatively on the thug that was in this runway show. A thug is a thug. Even if its for a good cause. You peace-loving pacifists defending this bum-of-the-month club poster boy should get out more. First, let this dude beat your ass and then see if you'll honestly pray to your God to revive his multi-million dollar career. Screw that guy. Like always, the music industry will discover another young talent to take his place. People's careers die all the time. Why wont you just let Chris Brown's career die, too?


Stop with all the negative comments sheesh. I loved it! It was soooo good. And Chris looked GREAT.


People please get a life and stop making these negative comments on Browne even when the guy is doing good it is a problem who are we to jugde and most of us with negative comments have a lot of skeletons in our closet and still throwing stones, but one of these days our own lives will be in the spot light whether we are celebrity or not so we better stop because when we throw stones in the air it will fall right back at us.


CB,you got the right one baby this time,make sure that you stay on your p's and q's cause Naomi do not play.I don't know too much about your "choir boy" image,but I do know about your "ike turner"
image. Now just one piece of advice:do not think that you are going to get upset with Ms. Campbell, and she ends up beautifully
dressed in the ER,it ain't gonna happen. Naomi Campbell does not always display "model" behavior.You may be a "wolf" in sheep's clothing,but Naomi is a fox,shark,and a barracuda all rolled into one, and she don't play. Look out!!


@jean u mean famous girl, that is the truth and i love that song. domestic violence is not going to end untill people starting teaching their kids boy or girl. DO NOT HIT ANOTHER PERSON IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET HIT BACK.what Chris did was not good but RiRi should take responsibility too she hit him first and as a humanbeing you are not suppose to hit oneanother.


Owning up to his actions, by writing a song disses about woman he beat, by having his friends make snide ugly remarks towards a woman he beat on twitter, by making contrite apologies, by refusing to tell how he beat Rihanna, he is a coward and ONLY apologizes to save his sorry career and he is NOT sorry. He is a HORRIBLE role model, he still needs treatment


Chris Brown has really been an excellent role model for troubled young adults. He's owned up to his actions and as done everything he can to follow the rules and be a well rounded human being. I'm really proud of him! He's come a long way and has proven he can change and be a better person. I wish him so much more success. He deserves it! Much Love and Support for Chris Brown!


vc e lindo


@Emily You are stupid and evil for blaming Rihanna for Chris Brown violence against her, after he beat Rihanna, him and his Friends were on Twitter making hateful comments towards Rihanna, Chris is NOT sorry, look at the jetskiing Pics, he just said Sorry to save his career. Naomi and Him are both violent and using Haiti for PR.Iam glad Chris album flopped and his career is failing.

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