We Are the World Remake: What Did You Think?

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The 25-year anniversary remake of "We Are the World" debuted tonight during Winter Olympics coverage on NBC.

The production featured over 80 artists and celebrities, as the video below features the young (Justin Bieber), the high (Snoop Dogg) and the deceased (Michael Jackson sang a posthumous duet with sister Janet, using old footage).

Vince Vaughn even got a solo.

(We heard John Mayer was invited, but turned down the appearance because he heard black and gay people might be there.)

As Jamie Foxx says in the introduction, the purpose of the song is to unite people from across the globe and to encourage donations to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It's a great cause and we applaud all those involved.

What do you think of this cover?


thanks for putting clips in there of michael.. and janet too!!


This song made me want to barf instead of pay more money to the wasteland known as Haiti.


Good until this stupid rap part where ll cool J, will.i.am and the rest of them destroys the whole song... i've read that many thinks that lil wayne and t-pain destroyed it but they did a good job, it was the rap part that really killed the song


I think the afrika version was better...but this one its ok too:)))
celine dion,MJ,jeniffer hudson and barbara streisand were the best:DD.Good job!!

Sydney strange

I think you need to stop looking at it as a remake and stop focussing so much on the singing and shit and look at it as celebrities making the effort to help Haiti!


The remake stinks on ice. I wouldn't pay to download that tripe.


it is a nice updated version...and very nice to see so much talent in one room, coming together for a good cause....first for South Africa, now for Haiti....2 places that have been cursed with horrible and corrupt governments, amongst other epidemics and natural disasters (like AIDS & earthquakes)...it is so sad that their 3rd world status due to mismanagement of resources has placed them in such a succeptable position...maybe they will change, ....but this is highly doubtful..so sad


See my article We Are the World Remake 2010 for my thoughts on this redo. Basically, it should not have been done.