Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Back in Love!!!!!!

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After fake breaking them up for a few months now, a prominent celebrity gossip magazine has officially brought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie back together.

It's a reunion that is nothing short of heartwarming.

Earlier this week, in between takes of her latest film, the couple shared a very public kiss in front of photographers, LEAVING NO DOUBT that they are in love.

That's according to Star, which spent the better part of the last three months trying to convince us of the opposite, based on little to know factual information.

All is right with the world now, though. After their kids "begged them to stop fighting," Angelina and Brad have made peace and mended their "fractured" love.

Pretty easy to fix what ain't broke, no?

Brangelina Back in Love

BACK IN LOVE: Brangelina is back on, reports Star, which implies they were ever off. In other news, the twins are out of hiding, which implies they were somehow hiding.

"The change of scene and the fact that they're all together in one place has done wonders," a source said. “Angie believes she can actually be happy with Brad again.”

Brad even managed to bring Angie and her long-estranged dad, Jon Voight, together! Over the weekend, father and daughter enjoyed the beautiful sights of Venice.

That's where the Jolie-Pitts are based for Angie’s movie shoot, The Tourist, with Johnny Depp. Next week, Star will probably report on Depp cheating with Angelina.

That or Jennifer Aniston will come after Brad again. That lonely, pathetic hag just can't keep her mitts off her ex-husband in the tabloids for the past five years now.


Assalam o Elekum Brangelina Pitt,accept my heartiest congratulations for your engagement and congrats for your marriage,i m your fan no 1 Rose,be happy always,nice happy family,and by the way i like your father and your brother,they are very good natured and loving and you mam and brad sir are the most loving and good couple,your kids are too loving,by take care,ALLAH HAFIZ.


Such beautiful kids outside and inside can be born only to people who r in love!!! simple as that!!! all other people who envy to this great couple are people, who come from destroyed marriages of ugly persons (especially ugly inside)..and ur parents caused that ur mind is ugly............ A&B are fantastic example of the perfect family and only stupid people cant see it, cause smart ones are looking at world with heart not with eyes!


MY ONLY QUESTION: were Brad and angie EVER in love???? fyi, in order to be "Back in love" you have to had been in love the first time... which its obvious that angie and brad weren't... i mean look at her shes bones as heck and hes going werewolve style with all the facial hair... they bring out the worst in each other!!!


OMG! get serious! Jen is better off than Angie... shes way prettier and she isnt a home-wrecker! Even if she can't keep a man... who cares we all know that she will ALWAYS have BRAD'S heart! i mean really.. he and angie are only together for the kids... how pathetic is that????


I love it. The only way a loon can counter a brangie attack is by attacking a third (and seperate) party: Jen Aniston. They sit and whine and scream "Get over it", yet they're the only one's still talking about Jen and Brad. Clue in: you're not doing your idols any favors by continuing to talk about Jennifer...but continue if you must. It must be horrible to have to look to a guy's ex in order to blame her for problems in his current relationship! On another funny note: Jen "can't keep a man", but Angie's had more partners and more divorces! Go figure...


I think this couple is just like any other couple who has their ups and downs....they have their beautiful kids to keep them working on their relationship! Jen could never had given Brad kids as beautiful as Angie has - thos kids are GORGEOUS!! I never understood how Jen got him in the first place - she may have a nice body but that's about it. Wierd face, selfish, immature and I never thought they looked good together. I remember she had all that hair parted down the middle with the wedding veil on her head. Nothing romantic about her at all. Angie is very skinny but she's very elegant and has a very beautiful face.




Evidently, the above two do not realize THG is being SARCASTIC.


i hope your husband leaves u for a hag like jolie. as for jen lonely or hag she is not, she looks 10 years younger and happier than these two douches. jmo


go ahead and blame the shitous reports on other rags....from what I can remember, you guys post the same articles, word for word, on your site.....idiots

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