Will Sex Addiction Rehab Help Tiger Woods?

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Is Tiger Woods really a sex addict, or is he just using his stint in rehab as part of a carefully-managed plan to rehab his career? Is sex addiction even real?

Come on, you know you're thinking it too. Tiger was packaged as a upstanding family man for years, why should we assume anything he does is genuine?

You certainly can't give him the benefit of the doubt. On the flip side, if Tiger truly wants to stay married, seeking some kind of treatment is the way to go.

Is Tiger an actual sex addict? We can't say.

If sex addiction rehab in Mississippi is just a vehicle for regaining his wife's trust, though, then so be it. As for whether sex addiction is a real thing, it is.

The New York Times magazine scribe who confirmed Tiger is being treated at Pine Grove is a recovering sex addict himself, and has penned books on it.

Also, Dr. Shari Corbitt, senior executive director at Promises in Malibu, tells E's Answer Bitch that "the chemicals that are released in the brain when people are acting out with sex dependency are every bit as powerful as any substance."

Reports have indicated that Elin Woods - whose texts to Rachel Uchitel exposed the first of what became many Tiger mistresses - has been visiting Tiger.

If the visitation reports are true, it makes sense, addiction experts say, because spouses are usually intimately involved in an addiction recovery process.

"Couples therapy is a huge part of the treatment," says Corbitt, whose Promises facilities also treat sex addiction when paired with substance abuse. "

It would actually be odd if she weren't visiting."

As for what exactly the couple might be doing, experts say it likely starts with Tiger admitting EVERYTHING he did. That would be a long-ass meeting.

What do you think? Is he a lost cause at this point, or is there a light at the end of Woods' addictive tunnel? Can sex addiction rehab help Tiger?


Try castration. It worked for my dogs - definitely no relapse.


tiger should have stayed single. ..im sure he selected his ladies from any one of those high gloss mags...kinda like shopping from the sears catalogue. Ill have her and ooooo ya shes hot, quick call to the editor or Hugh and voila...sexy chicks at your service Mr. Woods. So sure, I get that his power and fame and cash allowed for such freedom, and perhaps he found this irresistable, but hey leave the marriage thing alone.
Tiger should never ever have gotten married. Period. If you are a "stud" own up to it and dont live a lie. Too many heartaches, especially for the babies.


Tiger Woods is a very devious man. His issues are severe. Rehab will not work for Tiger unless he takes it seriously and not as a mean to get what he wants. Tiger took advantage of his wife, fans, and sponsors for his own selfish purposes and he is still doing it. Tiger will be always a cheater and a liar.


Smart Elin is doing this to show that she has done her part to go along with the request to attend sessions in order to gain edge in upcoming divorce negotiation. She was humiliated far too much than just a single sway of mind, and it would be insane for her to reconcile with the man who tasted the thrill of messing with girls of his choice because of his fame and money. Even Jon Gosselin could pick up girls when he had money.


Every man is a sex addict. Some men just happen to have morals, family values and respect for their wives. That is supposed to be what separates us from common animals. Tiger is a fraud and I am willing to bet that he took steroids as well but we will get to that some other time.


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