Confirmed: Tiger Woods in Treatment For Sex Addiction

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A New York Times Magazine writer confirmed last night what rumors have suggested for days: that Tiger Woods is a patient at Gentle Path, a sex addiction program at Pine Grove, a private treatment center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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    You are very correct Winnie. I just hope that Elin is a real loving person. They both might have mistakes and they both know but if they are willing to make amends for their love and children then they will come out to be a big hope for those people whose marriage life are also facing this similar situation. Love is powerful. God is the source of love, hope, redemption and a change of heart. They will come victorious if they will focus on more important matters that is of the heart and in the mind of the Good being who created us all.


    Winnie you are so right, if Elin is really a loving wife, Tiger will give it his all to fix this. If she's a gold digging whore responsible for a sexless marriage like I think she is, he'll dump her, because she's just after the money. I hope I am wrong.


    read the headline, and thought: No shit.


    I think Tiger's problem is more emotional disorder sickness rather than sex addiction... Being at the top (success, fame, wealth, pressure, fame, sports icon) from a young age with short-circuited childhood, he felt lonely, insecure and lost...and sought to thrive solution in the wrong places (is sex)...and hence digging himself deeper and deeper into more sex (which then ended in sex addiction)... I believe Tiger is too arrogant to talk his problem/weakness out to seek help upon these years, so that's why it ended up in this big mess.... In short, other than sex addiction, he needed to really discover the root cause of his emotional disorder and deal with it... At times, success and wealth don't equate happiness, but bring a lot of problems which beyond us (layman) can even imagine. The "stress" they live is probably beyond our comprehension.


    Tiger doesn't need sex counseling. Maybe just stick to one mistress that you can trust. Every rich guy is entitled to one mistress.


    A normally decent person can recover from addiction and go on to be a better person again. But by many accounts Tiger has always had problems with anger management and extreme self-centeredness. I guess his money and fame blinded Elin to the real truth of who she was marrying.


    I think that Tiger continues out there partying and feeling sorry for himself. This whole rehab thing is a big hoax. Tiger is too arrogant to accept he needs rehab. Tiger Woods is a big Coward. He is demonstrating much immaturity and great inability to accept and take responsibility for his own actions. We should not be surprise about this because after all he has been a FRAUD all along.


    "Seriously anyone over the age of two can realize how their actions affect others."-Alisa

    C'mon Alisa. "Two"? LOL


    I honestly believe that such a waste of time. Seriously anyone over the age of two can realize how their actions affect others. Some people simply do not care and no amount of talk therapy will change the fact that they are a selfish asswipe.


    there may not be a cute for being 'horny' but there are probably programs that help controlling your urges, and let's face it this was not one affair, it was one affair after another with no regard for his wife and young children. the man has a problem, this may not be the cure-all but it cannot hurt

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