Susie Ogren Alleges Tiger Woods Drug Use, Says Golfer Tried to Hit That

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Susie Ogren does not qualify as one of Tiger Woods' mistresses.

He was not married at the time they "dated," and he never even tapped that (much to his chagrin). Just the same, Susie's got some interesting gossip about Tiger!

A new National Enquirer article contains several new revelations in Tiger Woods' unfolding scandal, including allegations from Ogren that Woods used drugs.

According to the publication, which was the first to print allegations of Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel, in 1999 the golfer sought the company of Susie Ogren.

At the time, the woman sold drinks on a golf course Woods frequented. Standard. Ogren says she accompanied Woods and several friends to dinner one night.

That's when the "little while pills" came out.

Susie Ogren is the latest to tell a tawdry Tiger tale.

Ogren claims she and Tiger each took ecstasy that night. Susie says:

"I'm sure Tiger was hoping it would turn me on so he could get me into bed, and he took the pill so casually that it seemed to me he was used to doing it."

Woods soon walked off and "seemed angry," however, and Ogren says she and Woods never had sex. That makes her one of the lucky few in the U.S.

Susie says she "dated" Tiger Woods on several other occasions after that, but that the two never became sexually intimate, which is a little surprising.

Woods married Elin Nordegren in 2004. He has two small children with her and had dalliances with many, many women over the past couple of years.

Susie Ogren never slept with Tiger Woods. Not that he didn't try, she claims. She also says she observed Woods taking ecstasy and looking like he'd done so before.


How do you know she hit him with a golf club. Were you there that night ? I don't think so.There was a police report stated that Tiger had a flat lip probably caused by the crash and no evidence of domestic abuse.
So stop making excuses of this man. Nothing would have happened if he hadn't strayed.
You are as pathetic as he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think she was taking Ecstacy and this is a fantasy that resulted form it.


I still love you Tiger. I don't know you, any of the other people involved, and don't care who you sleep with. You are still the golf God, and that's all we need to be concerned with. All these people casting stones; hmmmm, how many of you live in glass houses? I don't think any less of him, and I'm a white female, so there!


The tiger woods movie just got fantastic !!!!!wow... What an errogant pig!!!!
Tiger destroyed the game with steriod use ..the money they play for is gross !!! they should get 100,000 first place.. that whole charity thing is joke, just a big write off, rip-off..
Not one of those brown nose golf people have the balls to talk about it ,where is omeara and cook , they knew all about it and where pumping to !!!!


Elin Nordegren! May not be collecting as much money as she thinks.Especially if and when the truth comes out, about her part in hitting Tiger over the head with a golf club, and causing facial injury. If I was her i would keep quiet.You cannot take the law into your own hands. I hope Tiger exposes everything eventually.


First I am NOT a Tiger fan but I do want to find the truth. Tiger and the newswire and the golf channel have made him a GOD among golfers so he has to act like one all round. My opinion I think he was hiding behind money paying of all his so called love triangles so he knew he was wrong. His business is not private when he illegally pays for sex. All kidding aside I would like to know if he is really as dedicated to golf and kids and kept clean in all phases. Yes steroids is my question. LIKE this headline was ignored a few years ago.
"Gary Player alleges drug use in golf" 2007 at the Open. I believe there may be a lot of truth in what he was saying and just look at the boddies of some golfers and the DRIVES are ridiculously LONG. Did Tiger take steroids I personally believe he may have to get his knee in shape and on an on. I wish we could get the truth from him.


Elin Nordegren has a Tiger by the tail. She's going to swing him around and around and around and then let go. He'll go sailing far, far away, leaving a huge bundle of money behind.


Susie Ogren is my friend .... She used to tell me about Tiger Woods wayyyy before this whole 2009 scandal.. She said she never wanted to sleep with him because he was always picking up on strippers, waitresses & cart girls.. Hahhahha! My girl said HELL NO to that, but she did take his drugs! ahahhahah! Tiger is a Loser!


The best revenge is to live well. Good luck Elin!


Elin should dump Tiger, ASAP.


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