Kate Gosselin Hating on New Hairstyle

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Kate Gosselin is apparently not a fan of her new $7,000 hair extensions and yearns for the comforting old days of the dead opossum she fashioned on her head.

Why, we have no idea.

The 34-year-old divorcee marked the start of the new year by trading in her "signature" look for new hair extensions that reportedly took 20 hours of work.

As far as she's concerned, that was 20 hours wasted.

She hates it!" a source tells Us Weekly. "She thinks her hair looks over­-processed and damaged. She's afraid people will think she's one of Tiger's bimbos!"

Kate Gosselin Hair Extensions
Getting Thin Fast

So much for starting over. Kate Gosselin says "I hate my hair!"

Bringing Tiger Woods' women into this? Just uncalled for. And hilarious. Also not fans of Kate's new look? Twins Cara and Mady, 9, who shrieked "Eww!"

"They started laughing," says a source. "Kate cried in her room."

But not all hope is lost. Gosselin has reportedly hired a stylist visit her Pennsylvania home to coach her on how to care for her new, made-over look.

"Kate has been trying different things," the insider dished. "Headbands, ponytails, even a Farrah Fawcett–style 'do. She's just not sure what she wants."

At least there was no conflict about ditching Jon Gosselin.

Which look do you think best suits Kate?




So many of these gossip/Hollywood articles criticize their subjects sooooo much. I wouldn't want to go through everything she's gone through...in front of a camera and with videos being shot constantly. She's a pretty strong gal, if you ask me!


I personally think Kate is beautiful and she looks good either way.
Describing her shorter hair as "Traditional reverse-mullet / dead-opossum weave" is ignorant and just supports the idea of a 'perfect' woman. I personally don't see a thing wrong with her hair and don't see why it's such an issue. Get a life.


Poor Kate, awe she doesn't like her $7,000 hair extensions!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she should get a refund, and give the money to HAITI! I am not sure who is a bigger loser her or John....


She wishes she was one of Tiger's bimbos.

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