Kate Gosselin Hair Extensions: Hit or Miss?

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She kicked Jon Gosselin to the curb. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is dead.

Now her trademark reverse mullet has followed her husband and TV show to the scrap heap. Kate Gosselin has debuted her new hair extensions!

In the new issue of People, Kate boasts that she's starting over in her career, her love life and apparently her signature look. Probably a good thing!

She may be so alone now, but she says she's going to make time for romance before long. Her new appearance should help with that, we must say.

"It's good to have hair again," Kate said. "I never thought I'd have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start. Fresh me. Fresh life."

Is it a positive change for the mother of eight? Check out Kate's new hair extensions below, compared to how she used to look, then vote below ...

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This is my favorite of your posts, I feel like it applies specifically to me.


That helped me a lot! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!


ugly hairstyle on an ugly person - perfect fit. it's cheap looking just like her. She will go to any lengths to get attention and, just like a bratty little kid, seems to feel that ANY attention is good, whether it's bad or good. Look at the expression on her face in 99% of snaps taken, she is scowling, frowning, glaring, mouth wide open like she's yelling at someone, or eyes are scoping the parking lot to make sure she's in range of the 'paps' she 'hates' but always lets know where she's going to be for the next photo op (like the bus stop, Target, really glam sites). She is so hungry for celebrity, but doesn't realize notoriety isn't what she should be going after. The picture of her looking off to the right at her 'vow renewal farce' is a look that has no place at a 'happy' function like a wedding ceremony. Wonder who pissed her off that time? Well, surely it wasn't Hannah.


i've never liked kate,and the new hair looks really fake!!you don't see jon trying to get in the limelight,why can't she just get a real job,go back to her normal look and just be a good mom.


Of course she looks happy. She's being paid to smile for the cover of "People." I'm not sure we can use this to base the opinion that her life is going great.






Personally, the extensions do not look good! Why as a society, do we put so much focus on someone that just wants to be noticed and in the media? There are more important issues that are going on. Stop making Kate Gosslin a focal point! Maybe then she will fade away!!


I don't really like kate's hair extentions at all! I know Ted spent a really long time doing that, but I liked kate's old hair style better.


Kate looks foolish with these hair extensions. The color doesn't match and you can totally see her short hair stubs. it looks like they glued a wig to the back of her head. She should have just WORN a wig! How could this possibly have taken 20 hours? Maybe b/c of where she lives? I got some beautiful extensions in LA, it took about 4 hours and cost 1500. Oh and it looked just like my real hair, nobody knew I had them! I would do them all the time if I could afford it!

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