John Park: Nice Lips, Tone, Odds on American Idol

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Like Mark McGwire in front of Congress, The Hollywood Gossip is not here to talk about the past.

Sure, American Idol aired auditions from Orlando last night and a couple contestants stood out (most notably Matt Lawrence and Jermaine Purifory). But nobody from that city is on the rumored top 24 list, so we're already moving on... to John Park!

This 20-year old Northwestern University student tried out in Chicago and majors in Economics, which is appropriate - because he was money in front of the judges!

Singing a rendition of "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know," Park had guest panelist Shania Twain slobbering all over him. Seemingly shocked than an Asian could carry a tune, the country star said:

"I was very surprised... you have a beautiful bottom-end. You have nice lips and you have nice tone... you have a good head and I think you have a nice voice."

Sexual innuendos aside, we're pretty sure Twain was giving John Park props.

The Illinois native sings bass for Purple Haze, Northwestern's a cappella group. Watch him in action above and check out what a fellow group member has to say about Park:

"America is going to fall in love with him. His voice just oozes soul. He's the full package. He needs to be a superstar."

Do you agree with this assessment?


I love John Park.


JOHN PARK, I love you more than you will never know!!!! You are sexy, you are talented and you are UNIQUE. Never give up!!! Kiss kiss.


Oh my god. I was really sad when he got eliminated. He is just an incredible, talented guy. Why he has to leave when there are so many plain guys that barely carries a tune in this competition. I think America is really racist country, as we can see this idiotic reporter saying "Asian could carry a tune"??? Shame on you!


john park saranghe ppa... chal choahamnida.... mwahhhhhhhhh yeh i like your lips!!!!


good tone, but not sexy


I thought Shania was hilarious. (And Jillian, - you're the shallow bit%* to blame the wife for husband's infidelity). Don't think she meant things to go that way during the audition, but totally agree why she reacted the way she did. This is a hot dude - a breath of fresh air for once, someone who is not full of himself when he/she has nothing to show for it. And I thought the reason why they said they were surprised at his voice was because of the soulfilled tune coming out of a brainiac (Northwestern Universty, Econimics major?!). There are a lot of Asian who can really sing well. They just don't come out on American Idol. They are already busy making money singing in Asia!


What?!?! "Seemingly shocked than an Asian could carry a tune, the country star said:..." Hey! There are ton of Asians who can carry a tune!


he is seriously gonna get a ton of girls after this. What a stud


Watching Shania last night, I could understand why any man of hers would start fooling around with another woman. She's totally annoying and blathers nonsense.


I love John Park but I dislike his hair :p

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