Jimmy Kimmel Repeatedly Slams Jay Leno... on The Jay Leno Show!

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NBC continues to dig its own hole.

As if the sheer mess executives have made for themselves in late-night programming isn't ridiculous enough, someone at the network had the brilliant idea last night to invite a rival, funnier talk show host from a different network on to The Jay Leno Show.

The result was uproarious for viewers, and should be an utter embarrassment for Leno.

A day after impersonating Jay on his program, Jimmy Kimmel appeared via satellite for Leno's interview segment "10 at 10." He proceeded to lay into NBC and his competitor, proving that he's much wittier than Jay and taking every shot imaginable at the comedian.

What the heck was NBC thinking with this segment?!? Watch in hilarious disbelief below:

There is one silver lining in this debacle:

The person that has kept Heroes on the air is no longer the dumbest person at NBC!

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All I have to say is, if Johnny was still alive, Jay would still be retired. He just stepped into the power vacuum Carson left.


Jimmy Kimmel and Conan are not funny at all, Jay Leno has always been funny and has a charisma that both of those jerks don't have. I am happy Conan is leaving I hope Jimmy will leave soon too.


Jimmy Kimmel is a jerk just like Conan. I am so happy that Conan is leaving. I did not want Leno's show to be cut to a half hour and I hope it won't be. Jimmy need to stay on that other station, because I don't watch ABC anyway. Leno is really nicer and funnier than Conan, and if Jimmy's show was doing well he would not be wanting to move to NBC.


Leno got what he deserves. He didn't say anything back because what could he possibly say. The network just made a huge mistake and obviously it sounds like there are a lot more people for "team Conan."


The peacock is definately high on something.


Nothing classy about a person (Leno) when they go back on their word, when they are selfish, self-centered, and a greedy backstabber. No character, no integrity, soon-to-have no viewers Jay Leno. Many who used to like him have lost all respect for him. Won't be watching the T show anymore. Will wait for Conan to land on some other network and will watch him there. Hope Conan's sweet revenge of NBC and Jay Leno is that he kicks their butts in the ratings and he will! Conan's the best and kudos to Kimmel for having the courage to tell Leno off straight to his big chin face. He totally deserved that; the pompous jerk. That was great!


OMG!!! I read the comments and posted my last comment without having watched this video. Went back and watched it and all I have to say now is "Jimmy Kimmel, that was GENIUS!!!"


Well said, lo.


Very classy of Jay to just listen and not rip into Kimmel, very professional. Jay was probably taken aback but thats what seperates the MEN from the BOYS.


i think it's really "ungracious" of jay to take back his old-time slot. the irony of this whole thing will be if no one tunes in. but even if you would get better ratings, it's just a very VERY big faux-pas. u never take back a gift. everyone knows that. and jay seemed like a pretty level-headed person, so the fact that he thinks the audience is just going to scan over this like it's nothing is really suprising. maybe he's just living a little outside of the orb of reality. if he thinks it's okay to do that to conan, and to not feel ashamed about it all, that doesn't mean the audience will be like that as well. but i guess in the end, it just shows A STUNNING LACK OF SHAME AND EMPATHY.

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