Jay Leno Returning to Tonight Show; Conan O'Brien's Future Uncertain

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NBC is trying to squash rumors that Jay Leno will soon return to The Tonight Show stage.

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    theyre both good comedians, bashing either of them is rather stupid and mean. and how do you know leno isnt accepting it, maybe it's NBC who wants to keep him. jeez, talk about not knowing your facts for sure and jumping to conclusion.


    I'm glad that Leno flopped, he's a douche bag and a loser! I knew his show would tank, the format was exactly the same as the Tonight Show, and that only works after prime time! If he had any class at all, he'd accept his situation, wouldn't try to cut back into Conan's time, and just work cheesy nightclubs where he belongs. He's gonna get a lot of resentment for this because Conan legitimately earnrd his spot!


    This would totally be unfair. Conan worked diligently for 16 years as host of Late Night (longer than Letterman had the slot) playing second fiddle to Leno. Now Leno wants to share or hog Conan's spotlight once again? Man, just retire already, or go for a completely different format. Have a daytime or weekend show. Something. Make it Fridays only. Just let Conan develop his show into the Tonight Show he wants it to be.


    Fire them both and give David Letterman the opportunity to fill his rightful spot as recommended by Johnny Carson years ago.


    conan became less funnier after taking over the tonight show


    Super cool! Jay beats Conan's sorry non-funny a$$ every day of the week. And he's not even that great. But compared to Conan he sure is.


    That super sucks!! Jay Leno is not funny & his monologues always suck ass. Also his chin is way too big for tv & frankly it scares the shit out of me. Conan is way funnier, & he should keep his show!

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