THG on TV: A Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover EVENT!!!

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Kate Walsh pulled double on ABC last night, showing up on Grey's Anatomy and, as always, on Private Practice.

The network hyped the crossover episodes like they were more important than a Presidential summit on nuclear proliferation. Did they meet expectations? Did Eric Dane really get naked? And what as James Franco making love to on 30 Rock?

Our friends at TV Fanatic have all these answers and more in their rundown of Thursday night programming. Follow the links below to get caught up...

  • Addison showed up, while a major couple broke up, on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Pregnancy complications, and a really messy house, were the focus of Private Practice.
  • Jack Black guest-starred on the first Community episode of 2010. So did Owen Wilson, barely.
  • Gob alert! Will Arnett went on a blind date with his real-life wife on Parks and Recreation.
  • Fans were treated to a double dose of 30 Rock. Sort through the episodes now.
  • Parents may have felt extra emotional during last night's installment of Fringe.
  • Finally, a double dose of the trashiness that is Jersey Shore ...
  • ... and a late-night skewering of Jay Leno on his own show.