Source: Tiger Woods in Sex Rehab

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Tiger Woods is in rehab for sex addiction in Mississippi.


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    tiger is a pathetic coward and a homo


    Repent Tiger or ye be doomed to eternal flames. You have already had a weeping and gnashing of teeth done to ye. Repent you ho chasing monger!


    It's hard to deduce this couple as to what will happen... So many versions of e-rumours with many contradicting... One e-rumour dated jan 17 even went as extreme to say Tiger's business associates is offering Elin a substantial slice of Tiger's wealth as well as a % of Tiger's earnings in future to entice Elin to stay in the marriage... If that is true, then the problem is Tiger's business associates to come up this lousy option..and hopefully Tiger is not as insane as to fall that path... It is no point having a golddigger wife, nor a wife for PR... If the couple can work out their marriage from the angle of love, then it is a far healthier family. In short, if there is still love between the two, yes, certainly worthy to save the marriage...


    Sex addiction baloney! It's all psycho babble bullshit. The guy's just horny. So what? It's so obvious Elin was giving him infrequent and unsatisfying sex. She's just a gold digging whore who stopped putting out when she got the deed to the mine. If it weren't for Tiger's money she would have stayed in Sweden and mocked him as a jungle bunny and spear chucker.


    Elin should stay well away!! take him back???? are you mad! he will do it again and again, he's a dog. its going to mess the kids up if she takes him back then throws him out again when he DOES cheat again. Rehab...... my arse. more like a sob story. pfftttt.


    yes that's right. he does need a rehab. his bad habit is out of control. and it's not normal.


    I know that it is not only for the sake of the kids, deep down the anger and hurt is love which cannot be easily taken out from your heart. I have been into this stage of being cheated but i still love the man, although there is hurt, i just wish him well that hopefully he will change too. This time is not only to liberate me, this is especially himself, wife and kids.


    I hope that Elin will still take him for the sake of their kids. obviously no one can love their kids more than Tiger and Elin can. It is always good to give people a second chance. The reason why second marriages are successful is because people who were at fault have learned the lessons and were given the forgiveness and acceptance for their being in perfect but trying to work on it. Elin, can certainly try. There is always hope and if they will both embrace to the good foundation of love and possess the fruits thereof, then they will live a happy life still as a family. Wish them both sound mind and a heart forgiving and a contrite heart too.


    Ha, Ha, what a Joke! First it was Arizona, then South Africa and now is Mississippi.
    I suspect that this whole rehab thing is a big HOAX. Tiger is so arrogant that he thinks he does not need rehab. Sorry Tiger, we can not trust you again but keep trying.

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