Come Party with Rachel Uchitel!

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Friday, January 29 is a special day. It marks the 35th birthday of Rachel Uchitel, the very first Tiger Woods mistress (well, the first we learned of) - and you're invited!

What, did you expect a quiet night in?

Rachel Uchitel and Husband

The Manhattan club promoter will be partying with friends and "Celebrity DJs" at the club 251PB in Palm Beach, Florida, where she's been staying since early December.

On the invite, Rachel Uchitel is trumpeted as a "Celebrity Socialite." Guess it's better than "Celebrity adulterer" or "Tiger Woods' Crazy, Ambien-Driven Sex Fiend" ...

Come party with "celebrity socialite" Rachel Uchitel!

Reports of Tiger's affair with Rachel allegedly led to an epic fight with Elin Woods November 27 and the car crash that exposed Tiger's tawdry tales to the world.

Asked about her alleged romantic involvement with Woods, Rachel Uchitel has never commented - reportedly because she's gotten big bucks to keep quiet about it.

Sources report that Woods paid Rachel Uchitel, who the golfer was smitten with and might still be, upwards of $3 million to stay quiet about their steamy affair.

Ask her about that January 29 at Club 251PB! Guess her seven-figure payout doesn't prevent her from cashing in on her notoriety ... just explaining why she's notorious.

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Tiger is just as much to blame as her.


hope tiger is never in love with her. a good woman will never try to get into a relationship with a married man. Some might have been a victim but knowing that he is married from the start?


I guess she will be jumping out of her own birthday cake and serving ambien cocktails.


Ewww ... she is a disgusting hag. Why would anybody want to party with this loser. She's a loser with a capital "L!"


I too agree with the two comments. Line 'em boys! She's waiting to party!


I too agree with the two comments. Line 'em boys! She's waiting to party!


I agree with both these comments.


I just don't think that she is that attractive. She must suck a mean d*&k.


Who cares about this slut, whore, homewrecker. She can go to hell.
What she did is disgusting. Tearing a family apart is nothing to be proud of.
But Karma is waiting for you stupid bitch.