Brad Ferro Fired For Snooki Knockout

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Snooki 1, Meathead 0. The New York City gym teacher who punched the Jersey Shore star in the freaking face last summer is now losing his job as a result.

Given that Brad Ferro's job is to help shape young minds, one can understand how beating up a girl, however annoying she is, would be frowned upon.

An official at the NYC Department of Education tells the site it's drafting a letter to fire Ferro, who was arrested for the barroom attack, within 30 days.

"The termination is underway," the official says.

Snooki Got Dropped

THE MESSED UP INCIDENT: A screen-grab from the now-yanked promo of Snooki getting clocked. She did not deserve that. She was being really annoying, though.

Brad Ferro, who lives and works in Queens, had been assigned to a non-teaching role ever since the controversial footage aired during a recent MTV promo.

The network ended up not airing the actual knockout blow after negative reaction to the promo. Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, did get drilled pretty hard.

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He got fired? The dude should have got a promotion.


Poor guy lost a job thanks a stupid bitch of a "reality" tv show.., nice punch..!


@ Nookie Locker.... Chris Brawn/Rihanna not the same as punching some random stranger because you don't like what she has to say. Rihanna reportedly struck Brown repeatedly before he ever hit her. And she throw his keys and cell phone out the window she was asking to get her ass kicked. Snooki no matter how annoying never touched that guy so he had no right to put a hand on her, period.


Wemons! That's hilarious! Eugene, I think you're funny, but maybe a bit misguided.
Everyone else, pay attention! There are no spelling or grammatical errors in my post. Why? Because I'm not an illiterate fool!
Hate me? Think I'm a bitch? Good! My work here is done...


Anyone that thinks it was OK for meathead to punch her probably thinks Chris Brown was justified beating the shit out of Rihanna because she slapped him first, too. Too bad the other chickenshits there didn't give him a beat down right when it happened.


That nitwit guido that clocked Snookie is all juiced up on steroids! If he didn't smack a chick in a bar, he'd probably be road-raging while driving home drunk! Good riddance to him! SNOOKIE- rocks!


eugene55 probably STILL gets beat up by girls. What an ass!


Ah, eloquent. What an insufferable twit you are! The only people who'd cheer when a nearly 6-ft tall man sucker-ounches a woman who's not even 5 ft tall are insecure nutless jerkoffs who have no respect for themselves or anyone else. So, if Sookie deserved what she got for running her mouth, then I guess it'd be OK with you if this guy was your kid's teacher & pimp-slapped him/her in the face because your kid was "talking smack"? Yeah, I didn't think so. So-- is the 55 your age or your IQ? Either way, you're an idiotic douchebag psycho. Do the world a favor, take your rage issues back under that rock, and bite YOURSELF, you stupid taint stain.


Patty: You said it was a good thing that she did not have brain damage. SHE DOES HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE! But he did not cause it!


Where did all you idiots go?

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