Brad Ferro Sorry For Punching Out Snooki

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Gym teacher Brad Ferro punched Snooki (Nicole Pilozzi) in the face in what has become the most infamous scene from Jersey Shore, even though it hasn't aired yet (it was supposed to tonight) and MTV decided to edit out the brutal KO.

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    So if a women doesn't act in a way society dictates that a women should act, she deserves a punch in the face?
    The fact she was shouting back at him doesn't make her grow 2 foot taller. 6" and built like a shit house shouldn't full-on smack a 4" something girl in the face.
    The only people who would be cool with this is rednecks who come from a family of DV who think this is how society should handle it's problems.


    For all u guys they said that this im not going to call it person because is not this thing is a hero so right now is good that a man puch a women then u are just sicks as fuck how would u feel if a guy come and hit ur mom so is good is super good look snooki is not my favorite person in the world but no women deserve this and i think u r stupid as fuck to call this peace of shit hero fucking realice that DUMB BITCHES


    wow god has to be a shamed of some of his creations in his image. women beaters rapist child molesters murderes. I think people should have to have a licence to have children. Because with some of the men and women on her should never have been born.......Lets face it where a fucked race and we did it to our selfs. I still hold out hope that one day enough people will say they have had enough of all this horrific shit that goes on but it never happens.


    See. Punching women is wrong. However, since nicole behaves like an animal i think its fare to say she isn't human. We slaughter animals all of the time. Therefore, it is perfectly ok to punch nicole in the face...4000 times..with a penis


    I dont think a woman should ever be punched in the face. "adfs" you stupid as fuck. How about I punch you in ya fucking face and see if you like that shit you dumb bitch. bastard ass fuck nigga. I dont think being hit in the face over a drink is anything a fucking hero would do, its petty bitch.


    that was good she deserved it. He is a hero for doing the right thing and she is a spoiled bitch that was a nobody whos only claim to fame is acting stupid on a really faggot ass show. She is a fake hollywood whore and you idiots shouldn't feel for her or watch her stupid show!


    This man is a hero.


    That man needs to be venerated like the hero he is.

    He put a wild ravaging creature back into place with one shot.


    This guy punching that whore in the face is the 2nd most beautiful thing since the coming of christ

    Brad Ferro DONE JUSTICE!!!
    my fucking hero


    Dat bitch is ugly ass fuck anyways

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