Report: Kate Hudson Wanted More "Screen Time," Gave "Ultimatums" to Alex Rodriguez

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Kate Hudson loved Alex Rodriguez, but she also loved the cameras at Yankee Stadium. A lot. That and Kate trying to "fast-track" their romance led to a A-Rod.

This according to a source close to the World Series champion, who broke up with Kate Hudson sometime last week after a very public six-month relationship.

The source says the actress' non-subtle presence at Yankee games, where she "wanted more camera time each and every game" was "a turnoff" to A-Rod.

"She'd always want to be styled before games and insisted on front-row seats," blurring the line between PR and true devotion, the A-Rod source tells Us.

A-Rod didn't want "a girlfriend who always wanted to be on camera ... Alex wants someone who was more interested in building a long-term relationship."

C'MERE! Kate Hudson wanted to "fast-track" things with an unwilling Rod.

Rodriguez insiders say things were over between them longer ago than we thought, but he kept quiet until after Kate's recent movie's promotional events.

"Alex wanted to end this relationship well over a month ago," the source says, but with Nine premiering, "felt that would be counterproductive and unfair."

The friend suggests that Kate smothering him also pushed him away, as "she seemed compelled to track and follow his every move" during the MLB season.

Ultimately, Hudson tried to give Rodriguez "an ultimatum" and to "fast track" their new romance, even though "He's coming off of a 13-year relationship."

"He has two lovely children with his ex-wife, and that requires a certain responsibility. She gave him ultimatums that a newly divorced father can't meet."

Still, things ended amicably, and Yankee fans got a title out of it. As one fan recently told THG, "we'll try to bring her back for the stretch run next year."


jesus jusitmatta, been to school much!


ok realli, dats tyt on kate, she seems fyn 2 me nd plus i hrdli doubt she got married 2 a guy 4 like a decade nd hve a kid jus cos shes a skank or 4 attention woteva, we aint there so we dnt no wot hppnd, nd karmabringer is ryt he is a fool nd a cheat, yh he wnts a realtionship, he myt be in 1 if he hadnt cheatedd, nd plus this 'source' is 4rm his syd they are bound 2 be hatin on kate if they're on his syd obv, nd responsibiliti, hu cares he messd it up in tha 1st place, so haterz stop hatin on kate, we dnt no if dis is da truth nd cmon shes da most famous person in da crowd da cameras r gonna be on her anyway


kate hudson just made a fool of herself chasing this dude around, she was way over her head dating arod, shes proberly the most pathetic girl arods ever dated, hes a professional at his sport and gives lots to time and money to charities thats who he is, hudson does nothing shes too greedy self centred woman and a lousy actress still hasnt managed to win a oscar..its all about me, arods got a park named after him, whats she got? only got track marks left behind by past boyfriends.arod knows a real woman when he sees one and shes fony.


Spare me. Why would she get into a long-term rel with gay-roid? He's ugly & a cheat(sports & rels). Move on Kate honey it's time to find a real man.


Wow some very harsh words for Kate and personal to boot. Relationships are usually quite short with celebrities for
the most part. Kate is a great talent and seems to be attracted
to men for the wrong reasons. I hope she can find the enduring
love that her mother has had for so many years.


arod should have dumped this stupid woman months ago, why is it minka kelly can stay out of the spotlight and still have a budding movie career? and still in a committed relationship with derek jeter? kate hudson moved on arod like her life depended on it, did the same thing to lance armstrong, that dude would never have completed the tour de france if this clingy woman was still hanging off his shoulder. she was more trouble than what she was worth.


I don't know what men see in Kate, she has fixed her nose like two times and she is still ugly, she has no chest, skinny and she changes men like she changes her underwear, I am glad Arod left her, maybe she is a narcisist. I fell sorry for her son, he must be confused of knowing all her mother's lover, that is not a good example for him.


hudson thinks 1 hot nite of passion constitutes a committed relationship, she moved in on arod at his NY apartment after 1 week, shes a fatal attraction..she did that with her ex husband then married him after 1 poor chris robinson has moved on but shes like a never ending sore that wont heal, shes a 3rd wheel in his relationship. if arods not careful she'll be stalking him in NY and miami. shes a nutcase. hollow head.


Can you really even catagorize 6 months as a "relationship"?


kate is only interested in Kate and to give a man like arod altimatums after 6months dating is just asking to be dumped on yah arse...skanky hudson needs to come down off cloud nine and understand...hes just not that into you! arod wanted to dump her flat chest before the world series final!

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