Kate Hudson and A-Rod Break Up

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In news that shocks us about as much as Alex Rodriguez turning into a prolific playoff slugger, he and Kate Hudson have called it quits as a couple.

The New York Yankees star and the actress were believed to be going strong as recently as last week and even talking engagement earlier this fall.

Perhaps Kate playing it coy on Letterman Thursday was a sign.

Hudson was strangely mum when asked about A-Rod on the Late Show. We say strangely because she seemed to publicly flourish dating the star.

Kate Hudson and father Kurt Russell in their usual spot.

After the two began dating in May, Hudson followed him throughout the MLB season, sitting front and center at many games, even on the road.

No reason for the Kate Hudson-A-Rod breakup was specified.

Maybe Kate is a serial monogamist but can't commit. Maybe Alex was pining for Cynthia Rodriguez after he learned she's now with Laszlo Fazekas.

Okay, we guarantee it's not that scenario.

Nevertheless, A-Rod will apparently be returning to bachelorhood. He and Tiger Woods should get together and compare notes on mistresses.

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i like kate hudson alot..


After the two began dating in May, Hudson followed him throughout the MLB season, sitting front and center at many games, even on the road.


Good means i still have a chance...-Christopher Cruz naples Florida


her loss; his gain.


"needy & chokie" havent broken up at all, shes busy with filming and chokie is busy with charity commitments, its all a lie, big fat lie, hudsons already bought her wedding dress, they engaged to be married after this yrs baseball. PR teams need to stop lying to the public, yep..its the k-hud road show all over again! god help us..I may never watch another baseball game again.


I really liked them as a couple -- attractive celebrities in their own right. Should have warned Kate that a recently divorced playboy is not good marriage material. It's going to take Kate a long time to get over this man.


OMG! i like kate hudson alot..she made alot of movies that i liked..and i think shes a nice woman..and i like YANKEes..specially arod and derek jeter.. but wtf.. why he dump her! geezz.. they both i think a good match and good couple..whew.!


kate hudson doesnt deserve any man till she gets herself some relationship counselling. alex rodreguez has just divorced he deserves time to himself and to heal, most divorced people cant be rushed some take years its like a death to others, kate hudson was selfish to try and drag arod into something he wasnt ready to do, shes a foolish woman who only thinks of her own needs. completely self obsorbed and greedy for attention. arod was right to dump her.


His loss; her gain.