Alex Rodriguez is the New York Yankees third baseman. He is by all accounts a superstar slugger. He is also very rich. And he is...

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This has been the worst PR week in the history of the National Football League.

Star Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has basically admitted to child abuse. Ray Rice knocked out then-fianee Janay Palmer with a punch, shedding light on other domestic violence cases in the NFL and the league's lax policy when it comes to alleged offenders.

It's been a nightmare for (awful) Commissioner Roger Goodell, but it's also just been a couple new examples of a sad trend: athletes in trouble with the law, with their wives or just with the public in general.

From performance-enhancing drug use... to the banging of so many cocktail waitresses... to one of the most heinous acts and most despicable individuals imaginable, we rundown 14 scandals below that made us ashamed to cheer on our favorite teams or athletes:

Lance Armstrong denied it and denied it, but he eventually came clean: yes, he cheated to win every Tour de France.

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Alex Rodriguez is swinging for the fences in his case against Major League Baseball, alleging in a lawsuit that the league bribed the star witness against him.

A-Rod claims he is the victim of a "witch hunt" and that the league paid Anthony Bosch millions of dollars to help force him out of baseball forever.

The suit claims the MLB paid $5 million to Bosch, the head of the Biogenesis Clinic. That's where the Rod allegedly went order to obtain undetectable steroids.

Basically, Rodriguez believes that the testimony of Bosch is tainted by this price tag and feels he can beat his 211-game suspension as a result.

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Alex Rodriguez was hit by a pitch last night in Boston, an event that led to the eruption of the Fenway Park crowd, the ejection of Yankees manager Joe Girardi and general chaos.

Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, clearly trying to send a message, drew cheers from the fans when his first pitch to the reviled star went behind his knees in the second inning.

With his fourth pitch in the at-bat, he drilled A-Rod in the shoulder. It was awesome.

The crowd went berzerk, as did Girardi, who ran out of the dugout, screaming at the ump and Dempster. Girardi was ejected while both bullpens emptied.

Dempster, incredibly, was not ejected, no doubt fueling Girardi's rage; Rodriguez stared at the pitcher as he started toward first base but did not engage him.

A-Rod, who is playing as he appeals his 211-game suspension for steroid use, got the last laugh, later hitting his second asterisk-laden home run of the season.

The Yankees won 9-6, climbing within 7.5 games of first-place Boston.

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Donald Trump is weighing in on Major League Baseball's suspension of Alex Rodriguez, and suffice it to say it couldn't come soon or long enough.

"It is a great victory for NYC that A-Rod will never wear pinstripes again," Trump tweeted, then added in video form on Vine, "@arod sucks."

"He's making a deal because he's guilty as hell."

A-Rod, of course, did wear pinstripes Monday night. He is appealing the 211-game suspension and is free to play pending a hearing - months away.

He only went 1-4 in his 2013 debut at least, D.

Trump also RAILED against the star and the Yankees organization earlier this year once Alex Rodriguez's link to the Biogenesis clinic was uncovered.

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Major League Baseball came down hard today on players it found to be involved with Biogenesis, the Florida clinic linked to performance enhancing drugs.

The most prominent among them, New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, was suspended for 211 games - through the end of the 2014 season.

A-Rod, of course, is expected to appeal the suspension and remain eligible this evening - which happens to mark his 2013 debut - pending a hearing.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig issued statements on Alex Rodriguez and on the state of baseball's anti-drug program, which he expressed pride in.

Selig said Rodriguez's punishment will begin this week and cover the 2013 and 2014 postseasons, and was covered under the drug program's protocols.

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Alex Rodriguez is negotiating a settlement and suspension with Major League Baseball stemming from his use of performance enhancing drugs, reports say.

Last week, it was rumored that A-Rod faced a lifetime ban if he fought the MLB and lost. Now, it looks like he's quietly working on a different strategy.

Nose Picking By Alex Rodriguez

A source familiar with discussions told ESPN that A-Rod's representatives are now negotiating a possible settlement that could result in a long suspension.

MLB officials have told his attorneys that they are willing to ban him for life, although sources said it is not clear if commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to.

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Could Alex Rodriguez be facing a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball?

According to a new CBS News report, that possibility is not that far fetched.

After Ryan Braun was suspended after reaching a deal with MLB, admitting PED use and accepted his 65-game suspension, some thought A-Rod would follow suit.

That is apparently not the case.

Home Run Hitter

Alex Rodriguez's name has been linked to the current Biogenesis performance-enhancing drug scandal, but the Yankees star is not looking to settle.

As a result, Rodriguez is reportedly facing the possibility of a lifetime ban.

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Out of the Yankees lineup until at least the All-Star break, Alex Rodriguez has a lot of free time these days.

And we now have an idea of who he's been spending it with.

Diario Libre reports that the washed-up third baseman has been dating a 24-year old named Rebeca Yunen Finke for about six months.

She's an honors graduate student Business Administration from PUCMM (Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, a Catholic university in the Dominican Republic.

Alex Rodriguez Sitting Down

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The Houston Astros will open the season this Sunday, making their first appearance as an American League team after switching from the National League during the offseason.

While the switch allows them an extra hitter in the form of a DH, nobody expects that to matter. Why? Because the Astros have the lowest salary in baseball.

Their salary is so low, in fact, that injured third baseman Alex Rodriguez is making more than the entire team in Houston! And he may not even see the field this year! Yikes!

Alex Rodriguez Image

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According to a report in The Miami New Times, Alex Rodriguez is among several players who received performance-enhancing drugs from Anthony Bosch, an employee at Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic in South Florida.

The story details records of Rodriguez's purchases from Bosch, dating from 2009-2012, which would run counter to A-Rod's previous claims that he only took these drugs while playing in Texas from 2001-2003.

Alex Rodriguez in a Suit

And if Major League Baseball investigates the allegations? And disciplines the Yankees slugger?

New York may look to void the five years and $114 million remaining on his contract.

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