Erin Muller Living in Fear of Michael Lohan

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The former girlfriend (and rumored fiancee) of Michael Lohan fears he "will do bad things to me and my family" after he allegedly called her in a jealous fit.

In filing the police report that got Michael held in contempt and jailed over weekend, Erin Muller claims Michael called her at 11:30 a.m. this past Sunday.

That's in violation of a restraining order against the dad of Lindsay Lohan, who's no stranger to finding himself in an orange jumpsuit. More on that shortly.

According to Erin, Michael Lohan "started harassing me, questioning me who I have 'been with, who's car was currently in my drive way,' things like that."

Michael Lohan Mug Shot

Michael Lohan's spiffy mug shot from yesterday.

Erin told Suffolk County Police the first threatening call from him lasted two minutes and the second lasted five - and that she recorded both conversations.

How deliciously ironic, given Mike's love for secretly recorded calls.

In the report, Erin Muller told the police, "I want him arrested." Ask and ye shall receive: he was busted Monday and jailed for violating a restraining order.

M-Lo, who was barred from initiating phone contact with Muller, claims she's lying, that she actually called him, and her harassment claims are "fabricated."

How funny would it be if both secretly recorded the other?

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