Report: Alex Rodriguez Ready to Marry Kate Hudson

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Last night, Alex Rodriguez drove in a pair of runs and snapped an 0-for-29 skid with men on base as the New York Yankees defeated visiting Minnesota, 7-2.

Things are looking up for baseball's highest-paid player, who didn't suck in a playoff game for the first time in forever. Does his new girlfriend get the credit?

A day earlier and a few miles away, Kate Hudson was seen donning a wedding dress in Manhattan. Does that mean they are ready to walk down the aisle?

No. She was just doing a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar.

But Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez are serious about making a life together. Pals say the smitten New York Yankees slugger is ready to make the Bride Wars star his wife, even getting her mom Goldie Hawn involved.

“Alex called Goldie and asked if she and [her partner] Kurt Russell would give their blessing to his asking Kate to marry him,” a friend reports.

“Alex is planning on doing it around New Year’s," the source adds.

We expect an on-field proposal from A-Rod after the Yankees clinch. But only after they clinch the Division Series, so there are more games left and it's kind of awkward.

"Usually Kate goes away with her family to Aspen, and Alex thought it would be romantic to do it front of a fireplace while snow was falling outside.”

Already acting like a married couple, A-Rod and Kate brought Ryder, her five-year-old son with rocker ex-husband Chris Robinson, along to look at luxury properties in NYC’s trendy Greenwich Village, SoHo and TriBeCa.

The previous week, Kate played mom to Natasha, 4, and Ella, 17 months, A-Rod’s two daughters with his ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez, as the pair toured six-bedroom homes on the West Coast, where the couple plans to reside this winter.

While Kate’s rep claims rumors that the beauty is engaged and already pregnant are “absolutely not true,” friends still worry she's moving too quickly.

“She did it with Chris, Owen Wilson and now Alex,” notes an insider. “[Kate's] a hopeless romantic. She jumps in head first and ignores the red flags.”


arod was never going to marry kate hudson, where yah all got this story from ? and you even had the nerve to print this crap. arod was just not into skanky arse hudson, he never was and never will, she followed him round like a love sick puppy and he just went along for the ride, he was sick of her being in his face 24/7 and she knew that but still chased him for marriage.


Is A-ROD and Kate are so in love as they say, why was he frollicking in a hotel in Philly with a hot new photographer from California. They looked pretty cozy to me.


Why would a guy like A-Rod be attracted to such mediocre women when he could have just about anybody? His ex-wife is unattractive, manly is Madonna and now he's with just average-looking, fickle Kate Hudson? Wake up A-Rod... you should have a sweet, gorgeous beauty queen on your arm! DON'T MARRY KATE!


its amazing what a 6month romp with hollywood skank does to a guys brain...


This is really a result of 'expert' coaching from Russell and amazon Hudson, no talent. Expert watchers Mike Greenberg and trash reporters earn a mint protecting Hudson from phantoms. Get over yourselves egomaniacs.


aww :) its cute!


i hope they find a way to make it work


Congrats to them!! They are adorable together.


if it's true there moving way too fast


yeah i don't think he plans on getting married anytime soon all rumors that's all

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