Mistress: Tiger Woods Only Got Married For PR

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Disgraced golf god Tiger Woods told cougar mistress Theresa Rogers that he married Elin Nordegren only to boost his public image, according to reports.

While this account comes from an unnamed friend of Rogers, do you dispute it? The sleaze clearly wasn't interested in any other perk of being married.

Rogers, the only one of Tiger Woods' mistresses known to have slept with him before and after he got married to Elin, was serious with him for a time.

"I was with Theresa in Florida and when we pulled up to the house where we were going, Tiger Woods got out,” a friend of hers told Radar Online.

At that point, "I walked around the car and looked up and sure enough, Tiger Woods was kissing Theresa on the lips. Long and passionate kisses.”

Theresa Rogers bragged about her affair with Tiger for years, even boasting that she taught her younger man everything he knows in the sack.

She said Tiger told her marrying Elin was just for PR and his image.

Rogers, 49, is represented by Gloria Allred and is believed to be negotiating a settlement, presumably to get paid to keep a lid on stories like this.

Or our personal favorite, the one where she supposedly tried to have Tiger's baby without him knowing, but with her sterile husband's knowledge.

Meanwhile, Tiger’s wife Elin has removed her wedding rings and will file for divorce, multiple sources are reporting. And who can blame her, really?

Many sources say she simply cannot forgive Tiger for the betrayal that has seen his number of mistresses hit double digits, with more likely to come.

No matter how hard he tries to apologize, or how much money he offers her via an expanded prenup, Elin is not likely to be persuaded to stick it out.

She's going to get paid handsomely either way, after all.

Tiger’s public image as a hard-working golfing legend and happily married father of two  helped him build a lucrative empire of endorsement deals.

We're not divorce lawyers, but that fact plus his rampant infidelity and deceit would seem to put her in good position to claim half his net worth.


It sounds like tiger has slept with hundreds of women with the strip club, etc. He's not different than Palmer and Nicklaus. They all act like their gentlemen so they can earn a living, but their sluts off the course.


Why are the girls called whores, the real whore is tiger woody wood pecker... that's not all folks


Of course she never had any idea she was a trophy wife. Did not marry him because he was rich and famous. No, no, no, no.


You hoes can all suck Tiger's dick.


IF HE LOVD THE MONEY SO MUCH HE WOULDNT GETARRIED KNOWIN HE WOULD RISK MOST OF IT. IF HES WILLIN TO PAY HER MORE AND MORE TO STAY THEN IT REALLY SHOWS HE LOVES HER I GUESS BT MAYBE HES BULLSHITTIN IT. I THINK THATS SO EMBARRASIN WAT SHE has to face and my heart really does go out to her. hoprfully she will marry again to an even better man and as for him he could rot in hell for all i care. LAST COMMENT DONE


plus his wife is young and fresh and beautiful this bitch is old includin rachel uchitel and theyre both close to menapause plz theyre jus booty calls. if he didnt luv his wife and lovd u theresa then why didnt he marry u? cause ur an old bitch. he doesnt love and u guys hav been together bf he got married and didnt even want to marry u. bitch ur pathetic and dumb as hell. STUPID IDIOT THE MAN WAS LYIN HE DOESNT WANT AN OLD BITCH HE WANTS THEM YOUNG AND THATS WHY HE DIDNT LEAVE HIS WIFE FOR OR MARRY U IN THE 1ST P;ACE. DUH,,,,,,,,,


hell yea this bitch made his bed now he needs to lye in it. his wife should realize if he can have his cake and eat it then so can she. shes extremely beautiful and those hoes cant even compare she can have any man she wants...any! if i wre her id stay and torture him and bring all my men over and go on dates and stay out as long as i want and party rub it in his faec then divorce his skank ass AND TAKE ALL THE MONEY! AND THEY SAY FUC UR FEELINGS BCAUZ U DIDNT CARE FOR MINES/ ID HAV MY DATES WELL SEEN IN THE PUBLIC EYE TOO. POWER TO U ELIN


Obviously none of these women have any respect for themselves or him.To blab to the news outlets personal info like that is just wrong.Why are these women being allowed to speak for him? We are supposed to believe that they are sincere when they can't even find a boyfriend who isn't married? Right. I think what he did was awful and morally wrong but I am not going to go around hating like a lot of posters seem to do. HE made his bed now he has to lie in it, plain and simple. Plus I agree with Alisa, these women act like all the things he told them were true. Isn't it common knowledge a lot of guys will say anything to get a woman?


I mainly pity his whores cuz Tiger Woods is so ugly. You can tell her he has a preference for blondes though.


GOOD SMART SELF-RESPECT Elin!! GO Elin!! DIVORCE DIVORCE DIVORCE Tiger!!-take him for ALL of the money he's got-you deserve-and get FULL TOTAL custody of the kids!! Tiger is an UGLY DISGRACEFUL CHEATING LYING ADULTERER DISGUSTING DOUCHEBAG!!

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