Theresa Rogers Tried to Have Tiger Woods' Baby; Mistress Likely Negotiating Huge Settlement

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Is another of the many Tiger Woods mistresses ready to cash in?

While some of Woods' lovers have wasted no time talking to any media outlet who will have them, Tiger's original mistress (that we learned of), Rachel Uchitel, reportedly snagged a seven-figure deal to keep quiet about their affair.

According to Radar Online, Theresa Rogers may go that route.

Uchitel and Rogers share L.A. attorney Gloria Allred, who negotiated Uchitel's deal, and who would not be involved if there weren't some real dirt.

Rogers is rumored to have been involved with Tiger Woods for years, before and after he was married, and to have taught him everything in bed.

She also tried, albeit in vain, to have a Tiger Woods love child.

The classy shirt of Theresa Rogers, seen here with her daughter, reads "one boyfriend is never enough." For Tiger Woods, 10-12 mistresses apparently wasn't enough.

Theresa Rogers, who at 47 or 49 (depending on what you read), was married at the time to fourth husband and clothing designer Wayne Rogers.

She told close friends that she hoped to have a baby with the golf champion and was actively trying to get pregnant without telling Tiger Woods.

Her hubby was cool with it because he couldn't get her pregnant.

Rogers did conceive and confided that she believed Woods was the father. However, she was also having a simultaneous affair with Serbian basketball player.

According to sources, the baby girl (pictured above), born between late 2003-early 2004, was never given a DNA test but looks to be Caucasian.

If these details of Theresa Rogers' relationship with Tiger Woods are even partially true, you can see why he'd want to keep her quiet.

There are reports that Tiger has a private investigator working feverishly on the case, digging into the background of Rogers and other women.

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Theresa Rogers has serious problems and needs psychiatric help. Tiger save your money. You don't owe her a dime. She is a gold digger and "slut". Come on, four husbands. Please. When will men learn to run from women like her....


absolutely disgusting! Some people should just not be allowed to breed! The article on the other site said she pursued Tiger then tried to get pregnant on purpose (obviously to get money out of it). That sort of creepy predatory behaviour should be illegal. It's almost like fraud or a con! WTF is wrong with some people that see nothing wrong with behaving this way? She needs psychiatric help!


That poor little baby. Someone save her. Who ARE all these women? I am ashamed to have them in the same gender as myself. These are not classy, sweet, down to earth ladies. Just thinking of where they have been and what they have done, makes my want to throw up.

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