Season's Greetings: A Very Octomom Christmas

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The Kardashians know about krys for attention, but their Khristmas Kard can't even front on Octomom, the hardest-working unemployed baby pimp in Cali.

For a holiday-themed photo shoot with celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style, Nadya Suleman picked out her favorite holiday attire skanky Santa lingerie.

Octomom the Freak

There may be a time and place for loose Santas if you're into role playing, but we're guessing whatever such fantasies you have don't include octuplets.

Check out this egregious display of child exploitation ...

OCTOMOM FOCUSES ON WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT: A tabloid editor actually printed that, and presumably not as an ironic joke. What a world we live in.

We have to say, those are cute kids, even if most/all are looking less than thrilled to be there. Maybe their taxpayer-funded Christmas gifts weren't satisfactory.

Apparently the other six kids Nadya Suleman has were with their babysitter, further draining the coffers of La Habra, California in the midst of a financial crisis.

Happy holidays!


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