Theresa Rogers: I Taught Tiger Everything in Bed!

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Theresa Rogers is Tiger Woods' oldest mistress and one of the first to get involved with the golf great. As such, she takes credit for all his skills in the sack.

We're serious. Rogers, who joined the loooong list of Tiger Woods mistresses after Radar Online ID'd her yesterday, is a bona fide cougar and proud of it.

Public records show she’s 49, although some reports claim she’s 47. Either way, Theresa Rogers has bragged friends about teaching Tiger bedroom tricks!

“Theresa was crazy about Tiger but she didn’t want to feel like a bought woman, a paid escort,” a source said of Gloria Allred's newest high-profile client.

“She wanted to be the woman who schooled Tiger in the bedroom."

And school him she did. What an apt pupil the lad became!

Rogers, whose affair with Tiger Woods began before he married and continued after, bragged, "I taught him all he needed to know to be a great lover!"

Continues a source close to her: I saw Theresa communicate with Tiger on a number of occasions, talking on the phone and exchanging text messages."

But probably wisely for her, and unfortunately for us, "she never shared his text messages like these other women.” Imagine that. A little discretion.

Rogers has not confirmed the affair publicly and Gloria Allred won’t comment on if she is repping her, but several sources have confirmed the situation.

At this point, it's all the same. Maybe some of the 11 "alleged" mistresses (and counting) linked to Tiger never knew the sports icon for all we know.

But the guy got around so much, we're inclined to believe Theresa Rogers. Do you really give Tiger Woods the benefit of the doubt at this point?


How many more? This is going to cost poor Tiger!! Looks good on him.


more the merrier.


all bad actors


Hag maybe you do mercy fu3ks, but by no means you are a mercy fu#ks just because you are in your 50's. I am 53 and people often ask me if I am in my 30's. If I wanted to do someone I would do them however I would probably keep my mouth shut as this woman has done. Seems like all the other women either did it for money or just for causing marital problems. Alot of women are like that. I mean what kind of women would have sex with a well know man knowing he was married unless she wanted to cause pain for a wife of some of his money.


I see Tiger even threw a few mercy fuc_ks.


he is a real african tiger- welcome to kenya tiger


Whatever. You may (or may not) have taught him some skills in bed but he only used them on everyone else! I wouldn't brag about that.

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