Chris Brown on Good Morning America: I Was Wrong

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In a Good Morning America preview of his full 20/20 interview airing tonight on ABC, Chris Brown faces tough questions about his infamous assault on Rihanna.

While the network has been criticized for yanking Adam Lambert appearances but giving Brown a chance to speak, they aren't throwing him softballs at least.

Robin Roberts played a clip of Rihanna's 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, which aired last month, and in which Ri detailed the night of the February attack.

Brown was asked to respond to Rihanna's claim in the interview that he "blacked out" and "had no soul" in his eyes. He was clearly saddened listening to this.

"I was wrong for what I did," Brown told Roberts. I can promise that it's not something that I look past or look over ... It's something that's really touchy."

"I'm really sorry for what went down and what happened."

Chris Brown will be getting grilled on ABC tonight.

Brown has already apologized on CNN's Larry King Live, as well as a string of other media appearances, but has also been accused of being nonchalant.

Can he really "come clean" if no one believes his apologies are heartfelt?

He promised that despite perceptions of his insincerity, he's "hurting inside" and that what he did to Rihanna is "devastating," but said he's human too.

He clearly means that he's human in the sense of his reactions and how he copes with the aftermath - not in the sense that he's excusing what he did.

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I get that he`s angry, but so are we. If he can`t handle certain questions then maybe he`s not cut out for being in the limelight (which he`s lucky to be in anyway). He needs to suck it up and CONTROL HIS ANGER.


man chris look gone and creepy in that picture i mean why should he care about her any more i know he messed up i mean come on now why do yall famous people do this to your-selves well yall wouldn't care cause yall don't have souls or feelings now what i have to say is.... chris you need jesus... you really need to get over that got raped by the devil nasty. rihanna im disappointed in you; i never did like you but okay with that umbrella mess yup and you going to buurn in fire you and the others your soul burning so is you i would rather be a little famous keep the money they gave me then work it out and keep my soul do something artistic have fun don't live with shame on your back and every where else im trying to give good advise but you problaly ain't gonna listen


hi chris wat zup my jelo brown in like man you are good art hey yowwo u know my styel bro


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