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It’s not as interesting as gossip-craving readers might desire, but it does make sense: Rachel Uchitel canceled her press conference yesterday because of fear, secrets and simply wanting to get out of the spotlight as much as she can.

After phone calls back and forth between Rachel, Tiger and their respective camps, she pulled the plug on a news conference she had planned Thursday.

There were rumors Woods offered her $1 million to shut her yap, but there was no such deal made. A source said: “It was absolutely not about money.”

Rachel Uchitel became “scared for her safety” since she knows so much about Tiger woods, his alleged affairs and a variety of other personal matters.

Tiger Woods Celebrates
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Tiger confided in Rachel, according to reliable sources: She knows specifics about “other women,” as well as info about Tiger’s marriage to Elin Woods.

Rachel does not fear Tiger himself, but more and more people are getting caught in this net by the day, and she doesn’t want anything to do with them.

Instead of trying to cash in on her dalliances with the world’s most famous athlete, Rachel Uchitel wants to disappear for a while. Who’d have guessed?

Rachel Uchitel’s affair with Tiger Woods shocked the world.

In conclusion, there was no hush money involved, though Uchitel basically admitted having an affair with Woods, which the National Enquirer reported last week.

An apparent fight with Elin led to Tiger wrecking his car early last Friday, which then blew the lid off his extramarital affairs with Uchitel and later Jaimee Grubbs.

If there’s anyone out there still living in a fantasy world and holding out hope that there’s no proof Woods had an affair with any of these people … think again.

Tiger Woods’ childhood friend and employee, Bryon Bell, secretly flew Rachel Uchitel to Australia to be with him. An itinerary and emails between them prove it.

The exchanges between Rachel and Bryon Bell detail how Bryon set up a trip for her to fly last month from NYC to L.A. to Australia to Dubai and back to L.A.

In the emails, Bryon Bell wrote to Rachel, “Here are the details for all the flights. Sorry for all the changes. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Bryon.”

Bryon, the President of Tiger Woods Design, purchased the ticket for Rachel and flew with her to Australia, where Tiger was playing the Australian Open.

Bell also paid for two rooms, including Rachel’s room at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne, the same place Tiger Woods was staying. Case closed.

Bryon Bell: Tiger Woods’ friend, employee, and cheating facilitator.