Rihanna: Loving Chris Brown Was "Dangerous"

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In a new excerpt released from Rihanna's two-part interview with ABC this week, the singer describes how her relationship with Chris Brown took a violent turn.

A turn she might have seen coming, she now says.

“The more in love we became, the more dangerous we became for each other,” she told Diane Sawyer in the interview scheduled to air on GMA tomorrow.

“He was definitely my first big love,” the somber-looking star, who recently opened up about the awful domestic violence she endured at his hands, added.

In the two-part interview, Rihanna will also discuss her family life, growing up in Barbados and how life has been for her since her split from Chris Brown.

Check out a promo for Rihanna's tell-all interview below ...


@jake, whether or not she did this interview she would have done much better then him, she always have for the most part. Her new song is not as high on the billboard charts as Chris's because it only became available for sale On Tues (Nov 3) on itunes, Chris's song is already on itunes. Chris already had his say on CNN Larry King, why can't she speak as well??


hmmmmmmmmm..... what ever happend to her, she looks a mess come on she a person who got batterd but because she is famous she gets attension ( i dont blame her ) but all the women & children gettin batterd right now, who is doign anything to help! urm no, one!?


Abuse is wrong... Obviously. What everyone needs to realize is that's there's two sides to every story. It's been reported that Rihanna & Chris were both pretty physical with one another. Other than that who cares? Especially now that you only want to talk about the abuse while hitting the media rounds promoting your album. I'm starting to hate the entertainment industry and how they glaorize and hype up peoples problems for the almighty dollar.




Well there both basically doing it to promote there album. Can't hate on one and not the other. But I'm listening to the facts. Chris wants to suger code it. Rihanna isn't. What happened to her was horrible. Pluss RR is doing GREAT!


i really like your music and i say that im 1 of your greatest fans i love


poor girl.
Sucks for her but selling the story now doesn't look that great for her


Sad what happened to her, but it's very selfish to use this situation in hopes of promotion to get yourself further ahead.


My same thought, nine months after the incident, many women domestic violence network wanted her to speakout, Jay-Z first mention to Oprah on her show that she could be one. Now she's evryone favorite princess... don't get me wrong abuse is WRONG but, what I don't understand is that how a person admitted in a 2007 interview with Complex Magazine that she once hit her brother in the face with a bottle, admitted in the statment to the court this pass summer in Chris Brown's assault case that she had slapped him once before... but, no one see this as abuse? She's one of the women of the year for flying around the world half naked, showing up at fashion shows.... I will say that Jay-Z's timming was perfect for her, Chris is on a comeback, people were moving forward, his new single doing way better than her's, he's at #26 and her's # 100 on billboard... tis should make her number 1 even with us knowing her latest music is crap!


Pretty girl....sad that she has to air her dirty laundry to sell her new album, though.....


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