Lindsay Lohan Responds to Leaked Phone Recording

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Embattled and troubled star Lindsay Lohan has once again utilized her preferred means of communication - Twitter - to respond to leaked phone tape that surfaced late Wednesday after her father sought to "prove a point."

Her estranged dad, Michael Lohan, has been trying to get Lindsay to seek help for her problems. He accuses her mom and his ex, Dina, of covering up the truth.

The truth being that Lindsay is an addict who is spiraling out of control. Says he. To any celebrity gossip magazine or TV program that will pay attention. Sad.

Seriously, we're not disputing that Lindsay needs help, big time. But to flat out humiliate your daughter, who hates you as it is, isn't the best way to reach her.

Anyway, after the release of the tape, which depicted a hysterical, out of control Lindsay wailing, sobbing and begging for Michael's help, Lindsay was irate.

Here's what she had to say on her Twitter ...


Below are Lindsay's Tweets about Michael's latest ploy for attention.

"Better to not even mention his name, he's a deadbeat dad. He's disgusting to do this. He doesn't deserve attention. He needs help.

the more you tweet about my ex father's antics, the more he will sell!

Please don't spread his cruelty, just ignore it because it really hurts my mom for me and my siblings. I'd feel the same if I were a mother.

she blames herself for staying w/him for so long, I'd beg her not to leave b/c he always threatened to kill her if she did

after disappearing, then coming home after being gone for several days while cheating on my mother & abusing substances.

Its so sad that I even have to share this w/everyone, but I haven't had a real relationship w/Michael Sr. In years. That is the truth. Xox

I just hope I can show others how to be strong through times & to be able to stand up for yourself and loved ones no matter what! :) *

Good news is, I haven't called him many times @ all - so, it will end sooner than later!!! LOL"


Lindsay is a very sick girl. I realy feel sorry for her,, and her mother is far more of a problem now then her father. Her mother has lived in denial of Lindsays inappropriate drinking and drugging for years, and in fact, enables her. Lindsay THINKS thats being supportive,, but its not,, she will die soon if someone doesn't step on her in love and say STOP IDIOT. As for her father,, give me a break, so what , hes a loser,, welcome to the real world ,, many dads are,, but, as for her feeling "deprived" in any way because he was/is a deadbeat dad is a pathetic lie. She drinks champane, drives nice cars, wears designer clotes,, lives in a nice house, and eats nice food. GET OVER yourself you spoilt brat. There are single moms who cannot feed their kids,, and your mom is stressed because she can't buy you the best of everything.


She's a trashbag - like father like daughter - hence the attention... She needs to stop Twittering, mend her family ties - and possibly see a Psychitatrist to help her with all the demons she's carrying... She'll be able to put things at rest then and deal with crap that gets launched at her (be it via her family or whom ever).


well atleast she's being reasonable. he is a deadbeat and does not deserve attention! i agree!


what a pick!
yeah she has her problems but so did britney now she is sorted
but what dad does that !!!


She is messed up, no question...If she did not have a relationship with him; but would call him and leave messages like this to a man that she doesn't have a relationship with...well, it clearly demonstrates her seperation from reality and rational thinking....she is a looney toon....lock her up & make her get help, before she calls the wrong person for help and they offer her a bowl of pills and/or a poison filled pin prick


Sad. The resources this family has taken to stay in the news. Maybe Lindsay does need help and the only way her father is trying to help is making her realize (through the media) that she needs it. But since he has been known to be a deadbeat dad who will do anything to seek attention, his actions are doubted.


The whole situation is just sad. Hopefully he'll back off a bit and she'll get the help she clearly needs.

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