Lindsay Lohan Phone Call Tape Leaked By Dad; Star Looks to Legally Muzzle Michael

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She's called him a lunatic deadbeat dad who uses her for publicity.

Now Lindsay Lohan has taken her crusade against her estranged father, Michael, a step further and asked her attorney to take legal action, pronto.

The reason? Three minutes of a recorded audio tape released by him today reveal the troubled star's heart-wrenching and desperate plea for help.

The Lohan tape is the first of several which were recorded from phone calls Lindsay and mom Dina made to Michael, who leaked it to "prove a point."

The tape reveals a tortured, inconsolable Lindsay who whimpers like a child as she complains about problems with family and ex Samantha Ronson.

At one point, she wails, “No one cares about me ... It’s about how they feel, not how I feel. It’s not about me. It’s never been, unless I fight for it.”

The alleged actress contacted her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, Wednesday, to request an immediate restraining order against Michael Lohan.

Mike Lohan

B!TCH PLEASE: Train wreck Lindsay Lohan has had enough of her loudmouth dad and his so-called efforts to help her wreckalicious a$$, thankyouverymuch.

Don't ask us who records their daughter's phone calls on a routine basis, but whatever point he's trying to make, Michael is going about it all wrong.

Brutally embarrassing your little girl using the media as your personal mouthpiece? Not exactly the way to win her respect, guy. Just our two cents.

Michael has been selling his daughter out on TV, talking about her alleged drug use, calling her a sad, hollow person, saying she's gonna die, etc.

Chapman Holley is currently putting together a case against Michael and will decide in the near future which legal move makes the most sense.

Aside from getting a restraining order to get him to shut his damn yap, Chapman Holley could file a defamation lawsuit against Michael on Lindsay's behalf.

Chapman Holley is also getting in touch with authorities in New York, trying to find out if Michael Lohan may be in violation of a criminal protective order.


wow. lindsay's dad is sad. and so is lindsay. y get into all this trouble. michael sux. poor lindsay thou. i just hope she doesnt end up dead. i agree with sabrina.


Anyone can see where Lindsay is heading. She looks older than I, and I am a grandmother. She may not survive unless she gets help asap. So, it seems to me that this is not the time to focus on what got her there, nor on how messed up her parents are. First and foremost this suicidal tragetory of hers has to be stopped by the courts. If I were a sitting judge on any of these likely proceedings initiated by Lindsay's lawyers against her dad, the first thing I would ask would be for Lidsay to prove that her dad is spreading lies about it by submitting to a full thurl physical including extensive drug testing. Lidsay needs intervention _maybe a court appointed responsible adult to look after her and her interests. I, for one, am tired of watching these young celebs kill themselves before our very eyes. Thank you!


so sad these parents need to stop trying to make a buck off of their daughter and get her the help she desperately needs
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


Dad needs to stop putting out the private stuff or he will
cause her to stay away from him for good. It's more then
obvious she is in a bad state. But, she has to be the one
to hit bottom here and see that she is going to be way to
risky to employ. Does she even know how really unattractive
she has become lately?


I can't stop thinking about her it's uncontrolable I want her in my thoughts some times like i would love it if she held me and told me everything was going to be fine and we could flee away from it all, and we could do antything imaginable I'm so obsessed


well her dads a prick shes messed up her sister looks older than her mum and her mum is apperently a bad parent, well if she is bad what is he! this family is fucked


wow who's the child again? what an idiot


It is soooo obvious that Lindsay is a product of her self-absorbed, dysfunctional parents. Her father is a loser and fame-whore, her mother Dina is non-exist as much as she wants us all to believe she's mother of the year, and Lindsay isn't smart enough to recognize her own self-destructive ways. She lives in a world where she thinks she's talented enough to do ANYTHING when all she is is one big cluster f**k (Hint, Hint Lindsay! Your recent fashion show disaster)! Lindsay, grown up and get your sh*t together!


Lindsay is a LOSER-such a SELF-ABSORBED SELFISH DRUNKEN DRUGGIE LYING HO!! Lindsay does NOT care about herself and she does NOT want to help herself! Lindsay is a TRAINWRECK in the MAKING-DEAD Lindsay-You are a MESS!!


and sometimes it takes a harsh reality for someone to wake up. Altohugh I doubt this attempt will work on her.

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