Lindsay Lohan Calls Dad Michael a Nut Job

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Yesterday, we chronicled the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan, train wreck in the making. Lately, her estranged dad, Michael, has been discussing this deeply personal topic to anyone who will listen and pushing for her to get the help she needs.

To say she remains unmoved would be an understatement.

Lindsay Lohan has taken to Twitter to slam her dad, following reports that he is seeking a Britney Spears-style conservatorship over her, among other things:

"My father is a lunatic & doesn't even deserve such a title since he's never been around in my life other than when he'd threaten me & my family," she wrote.

Scathingly, the starlet continued: "He should be where he has always put himself after verbally abusing and physically abusing people all my life-behind bars."

Lindsay, 23, also wrote that sister Ali Lohan, 15 going on 45, is concerned about Michael, who recently accused their mom, Dina, of covering up her addictions.

"It's so sad to get a phone call from my baby sister asking, 'why is daddy doing this?' Through tears. He crossed the line & hurt me & my family 4 the last time."

Dumb Dina Lohan
An Absolute Mess
Mike Lohan

The Lohans take the term family feud to new heights. Or depths.

Last week, Michael Lohan claimed that he would air on ET taped phone conversations between himself and Dina, in which they discuss Lindsay Lohan's well-being.

Dina Lohan says she and Lindsay plan to prevent the tapes from going public: "We're going to stop it from airing. He is in violation of my order of protection."

"My attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter, and a copy of my order of protection I have against him. He is now in violation of my criminal order of protection."

"He harasses me, calls my cell phone, which he is not allowed to."

In response to Dina's disdain for him, Michael said "Look, I know sometimes in the past I've said things I shouldn't have. [But right now] I have to help my child."

Be that as it may, Dina says Lindsay is planning to obtain a restraining order against her fatherr. Says Dina: "[Michael] is desperate and spiraling out of control."


If I were her,I would just do my time and say fuck community service and probation just put my ass in jail for a year but when I come out I want to be done with all this legal bullshit. Its costing her more to stay out of jail, then it would if she were to just do the time in jail. At least she could seriously sober up in there and get away from her highly toxic mother and father. Then I would take whatever money is left and move somewhere no one could find me. Her parents would flip because then they would be cut off from the media and the money that they get from selling each other out.


She is young and has been working as a child actor for many years because of her talents her parents have been graced with money and fame, which they have abused considerably. She is their cash cow. Lindsay is no angel but she is still young enough to turn it around if she wanted to. Her parents on the other hand should get the fuck out of the spot light and stop trying to steel this girls thunder. They ruined her. She could have done more with her career if she had some kind of support system. I would get a court order to get both those freeloaders out of my life. Now this poor kid is resorting to posing nude for Playboy....what a shame....she truly had talent, which is something rare in Hollywood these days.


linsay looks so much like her mum in those pictures


I'm just glad shes saying it herself. its not just in a tabloid.


hmm there all falling apart nuff said


Guess it runs in the family but I'm not sure who she takes after both her mother and her father are nut jobs but at least her father is telling it like it is. She needs some serious help and needs to take a look in the mirror before calling anyone else crazy


Lindsay is the LUNATIC-TRAIN WRECK waiting to happen! BLAME YOURSELF,Lindsay-NOT others! You are a MESS-DISGUSTING SKANK!!


Lindsay-YOU are the NUT JOB!! Lindsay is a PATHETIC DRUNK DRUGGIE WHORE! L.H.=LUNATIC LOSER!Look in the mirror,Lindsay!


Don't call the kettle BLACK, until you look in the mirror. You are a wack job yourself!!!


Hey, Lindsay! You say your father is a lunatic? Boy, you ARE your father's daughter! Maybe you need to look in a mirror because you are a whack-job!

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