Hallelujah: Jon and Kate Plus 8 to End Monday!

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Monday marks the end of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8. That's the good news. The bad? Jon Gosselin's legal battles and personal drama will continue to play out publicly.

What can fans expect on the final hour of the reality show, which Jon pulled the plug on because the network blatantly ried to fire his ass of concerns for his kids?

The estranged parents of eight will venture on separate outings with the kids. Individually, Jon and Kate Gosselin will reflect on the past and look to the future.

Asleep yet?

Back in September, TLC made the announcement that Jon would no longer appear on the reality series and that the program would be re-titled Kate Plus 8.

That plan was axed after Jon objected to his kids being on TV, saying the network was "hurting them," which amazingly he never brought up prior to that.

THE END OF AN ERROR: Farewell, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"Kate Plus 8 is not in production," TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg said Thursday. "We are focusing on the launch of Kate's new series in early spring."

No details on what Kate's new series entails, but Jon and TLC remain entangled in a legal battle surrounding the douchebag's actions of the past six months.

TLC has sued him for breach of contract, claiming he violated contract terms by making promotional appearances (paid or unpaid) without TLC's approval.

The network says any interview or dealings with media outlets have to get the green light from TLC first. He's probably violated that, oh, 200 or so times.

He fired back with a $5 million countersuit, alleging the network has damaged his career (LOL) by discouraging other media outlets from working with him.




Marriage is a sacred union between two people that promise before God and their family and friends to be there through better or worse, through thick and thing. When the worse and the thick came, Jon left. Yes, I completely agree that Kate was equally at fault. But she didn't leave. Jon never tried to work it out. I guaranteed he never said to Kate, "If you don't change I will leave you" because she would have changed. She has changed already and she knows they will never be together again. She has changed because she realized she was not being the person she should have been, but she never got a fair chance to change.


jon needs to learn to be a father and not a playboy i just wish he could be a father to his 8 children maybe there is someone out there that could give him the help that he needs


Can't stand her money grubbing mothering and can't blame him for leaving. Glad the show is over. I pray we won't see her and her straw hat hair anymore.


I watched the finale and saw the most awful father. His two oldest daughters were complaining and one said, "I like mommie's stuff better. Our "Perfect father" sent her and her twin home and did not let them participate in the activity with the fund raising for firefighters. What's wrong with this? THen, when the six little ones arrived at the fund raiser, they were all sent to watch as "Dip stick daddy" handled the funds, saying that his older daughters were not able to do it. And then, to add insult to injury, this sleeze bag dad just left his kids watching as he aggrandized himself. When he sent the 6 kids away with the firefighters because he needed to take care of the fund raising....I became so angry that I just could not even spit. This man has no talents, knows nothing about raising kind...although he has been involved with that for years. Please pray for his children. Raven White


I've watch a few episodes and I couldn't believe it! This guy is AWSOME! He'S nice, he's good looking and she was treating him so badly. She was so cruel with him. He's a dream guy!! And the kids are SOOOOO cute!! I would marry him anytime!! ;)


Jon Gosselin should just fall off the face of the earth.


P. S.. And racist to boot


I cant believe how hateful people can be.
Totally understand lynch mobs now.
Who gives you the right to call Jon or anyone else the horrible names that you call him?
People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.


Career--what career? No one was watching the show to see Jon Gosselin's FAT, BALD ass. Now that OJ is in jail I think he is the most hated man in America! His 15 minutes of fame are over!

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