Tila Tequila on UStream Video: I'm No Rihanna!

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Clothed and actually sounding somewhat coherent, Tila Tequila attempted to explain her disturbing naked video meltdown that she posted on ustream yesterday.

Tila says she made the video after experiencing flashbacks from her alleged violent altercation with NFL star Shawne Merriman, her then-boyfriend, in September.

She says he assaulted her, but the police didn't press charges. Tila has since sued Merriman, and says amid the pressure, she "just kind of flipped out a little bit."

Ya think?

The best part of her explanation for the video? She says she's no Rihanna, and unlike the popular singer, she feels compelled to talk about the alleged abuse.

Tila Tequila tries to justify her naked video rant.

Never mind that Rihanna did talk about her abuse by Chris Brown - to the cops, who charged him with a felony. She just didn't talk to the press about it.

Rihanna has also now opened up about the incident in graphic detail in extensive interviews. Criticizing her for "not coming forward" is irrelevant and unfair.

Look, we're sorry Tila is so messed up, regardless of what happened with Merriman, and hope she gets help. But don't blame your problems on Rihanna.

Somehow we doubt the "Umbrella" singer made Tila show us a tampon to prove her vaginal cleanliness, masturbate or whip out a gun naked. Just saying.


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