"Unsophisticated" Jon Gosselin Claims TLC Bullied Him, Violated Child Labor Laws

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Father of the Year candidate Jon Gosselin is firing back at TLC for trying to get an injunction prohibiting him from making any ca$h money from shows not on TLC.

Gosselin wants the contract he initially signed with TLC declared invalid on grounds it's unconscionable, i.e. Jon had no lawyer or manager when he inked the thing.

Basically, he's saying he was railroaded by a corporate giant, calling himself just "an unsophisticated father of eight" who didn't know what he was doing. Please.

He claims the deal was so bad, he and the fam only pulled in $2,000 an episode to start - a mere $200 per person! In turn, he claims TLC violated child labor laws.

Gosselin claims in his $5 million counter-suit that he will be "unable to earn a living as a TV personality, and therefore precluded from supporting his eight children."

Of course, Jonny Boy didn't respond to TLC's claim that he derailed the show with what the network believes is a bogus legal accusation about exploiting his kids.

YOU TALKIN' TA ME? Jon Gosselin is just a regular ol' guy who likes earrings and douchey shades. How was he supposed to know what he was singin'?!

If a judge buys TLC's claim, it could cost Jon a lot of money. TLC wants Jon to cough up any loot he made by selling his life to shows and websites in recent months.

According to sources close to the network, TLC lawyers are watching lots of TV these days, keeping tabs on Jon's appearances and running a tab of sorts on his a$$.

That way they'll know at least roughly the kind of bank he's making, and what to go after when they ask a judge to place the Ed Hardy-wearing tool on gag order.

TLC claims Jon is breaching his contract, which prohibits doing "any media including any online or print... without the Company's or Producer's prior written consent."

We can't even fathom how many times Jon has violated that clause. Unless he can get TLC to back off, or convince a judge that contract is illegitimate, he's toast.


FanOFDog, you said it all. But what bothers me, is that kate and jon said that this was for their kids (their divorce) and that everything they do is for the kids. uhm jon .. how is this the best for your kids?


no need to be ugly sara but where have you been? I think that jon should do whatever he needs to do to live as normal life as he can now that the shows over. all lawsuits need to be discharged and he and kate need to deal with their problems together behind closed doors. No one wants or needs to be privy to anything dealing with this fsmily. It's none of our business and too much has been already shared. I for one have been boycotting TLC until everything about this train wreck is put to rest.


Who is this fat fuck and why is he on the news everywhere?


The court documents filed by Jon's new lawyer and Heller can be seen at Radar Online. TLC's lawyers hurt from laughing so hard.


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