Jon Gosselin: Big, Bad TLC Holdin' Me Down!

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Updating a previous report, Jon Gosselin formally filed a $5 million claim against TLC, saying the network's representatives "damaged his reputation and career" by "preventing him from working with other media outlets."

[collective silence in The Hollywood Gossip newsroom]

Everybody, all together now: WTF?? LOL!!

It gets better. The father of eight claims the network contacted other media outlets he'd been in touch with to persuade them to stop dealing with him.

"Their behavior has caused Jon great anguish and financial losses," says his attorney, Mark Heller, who maintains Gosselin did not have an attorney or a manager present when he signed his contract for Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"They had a cadre of lawyers so they had a one-sided agreement," adds Heller, trying to claim that the corporation railroaded an unsophisticated IT guy.

Jon's $5 million lawsuit – a counterclaim against a suit TLC filed against him – also claims the network owes him $175,000 for shows that already aired.

The Gosselins' contract, dated April 28, 2008, says he gets $22,500 for each half-hour episode and $45,000 for each one-hour episode, the lawsuit says.

So he wants the contract he signed declared void, because he's just a simpleton, yet wants to make sure he gets paid based on the contract. Okay, Jon.

Gosselin is scheduled to be in court on December 14. In other Jon news:

  • TLC's lawyers have filed court papers in Maryland asking the judge for permission to serve his former nanny Stephanie Santoro with a subpoena.
  • His rep denied the Jon Gosselin sex tape rumor surfacing earlier this week: "It is truly false," the rep said. "It's sad people are picking this up."

Jon Gosselin is only yesterdays news. NOT even news anymore.


this guy is a real doorknob!!! i am sure one day he will regret his actions and want to go back to kate.i hope he stays the HELL off t.v. now!!


u married her!ur life is not going to get better running from ur wife and 8 kidds!u took the vows!man up and take care of ur family!u let her contol u she treats u like one of the kidds!stop being so passive n go home n take care of ur wife n kidds!u took the vows go make it right b4 its 2 late or ur life is only gonna get worse!in the bible it says the wages of ur sin equals death!the vows said till death do us part not haily!!!!ur thinkin with the wrong head go home!!!!ur babies need u!dont screw them up life is hard enough!put ur wife in her place ur the man and leave that lil young girl alone!peace!


God. Gosselins use to be my favorite reality family , i guess the fame got to them -.-


One day Jon will realize he can't have it both ways - void the contract, but pay me according to it! Married & dating; in "love" with Hailey....He keeps proving he's just a TOOL.


If Jon Gosselin needs money fast he can always pose for Playgirl like his buddy Levi Johnston. Maybe Jon and Michael Lohan can do a double issue together just for the ladies.


Each day I wake and come to see what stupid thing Jon has done now. He is a constant reminder of what arrogance, stupidity, ego, and the bad advice of crooked lawyers can combine to be. He has no one NO ONE to blame for his mess but himself, and still he cannot see it.


I am on a personal campaign to STOP any and all jon gosselin news or information. We pretty much all agree he is despicable, yes? I am secure enough in myself that I don't need someone to villify or talk smack about to make myself feel better. Yes? Let's let j.g. fade off into obscurity. K? Just an observation but few ppl commented on this, makes me think everone else is as interested as I am. NO MORE jon gosselin!!! ........duffy1958


I think this man just might go down in history as being the stupidest person in the world. Perhaps he can make some money by getting the Guiness Book of World Records to acknowledge this? Then he could tour the world after his trial, with a freak show, billing himself as Jon-Jon the World's biggest douchbag. Guiness could verify this as well. Seriously, the man has done everything in his power to ASSURE himself of both titles.


this is exactly why TLC have a restrictive contract in place. So that they can manage these unsophisticated people, stop them becoming overexposed & stop them damaging their reputation. Instead Jon sold everything he possibly could to the tabloids, has become overexposed & hated, and has damaged himself.


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