The Hills Ratings Tank; Kristin Cavallari to Blame?

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Kristin Cavallari looks damn good in a bikini.

The same can't be said for how she looks on TV screens, however, according to The Hills fan base, which is dwindling with each passing episode.

Vegas VIP KC

MTV dredged up Kristin Cavallari, former Laguna Beach bad girl, in hopes that she could inject new life into its struggling cash cow, The Hills.

So far, the new season can be summed up in two words: Epic. Fail.

Somewhere in West Hollywood, Lauren Conrad is probably ROTFL.

Ratings for The Hills are down by a third this season, i.e. as soon as LC called it a reality TV career and the network inexplicably decided that the "reality" show could go on just as successfully if they inserted Kristin as the lead character.

Is Kristin Cavallari solely to blame for the viewership decline?

While Kristin's "return" has been disappointing for myriad reasons, Lauren leaving is probably just as big a factor behind the show's declining viewership.

Even though the show was at times contrived and she could be a bit exasperating, LC was always a real person, and one peeps generally liked watching.

Normal Lauren and insane, but entertaining Speidi struck a nice balance. Kristin Cavallari and Justin freaking Bobby as the focal point? Not so much.

A 33 percent dropoff is fairly significant, and will be hard to reverse. At this rate, you have to think the current season of The Hills will be its last.


Speidi has always been hated, popi but that didn't hurt the show's ratings until Kristin took over for LC. Personally I dislike all of them but clearly many fans prefered way too boring LC over bad girl Kristin.


me and my friends are watching it...we hate laurenn


I sure hope the Hills isn't scripted...could you imagine any group of self-respected writers sitting around a table writing "like" over 50 times in one 20 minute "script?" Well, Lauren was so seriously. Kristin should have her own show.


All I can say is that I hadn't watched an episode of The Hills until Kristin showed up . . .


Oh my goodness I HATE KRISTIN!!!!!!!!!! She is so fake and clearly acting in every scene yes! Of course blame kristin she's annoying! I agree without lauren( the only real person on the show) its not worth watching!.


I won't watch it just because shes on it. Her voice annoys me to no end.


English viewers need subtitles as Kristin mumbles and we cannot understand a word she is saying. It's irritating, so my friends and I dont watch it anymore :o(


The reason why rates are down is bc people hate SPEIDI... not Kristin... LC was way too boring...


Kristen is so dull!! Bring back LC and the show will go on!! x


There's no plot it seems like, a lot like Whitney Port on The City. The storyline is going nowhere

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