The Hollywood Gossip Week in Review: October 17-23, 2009

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Wow. What a week. We can't remember a crazier seven days of celebrity gossip since ... well, the week before this one. But it's been a wild ride just the same.

Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip's Week in Review!

Some of the highlights (and lowlights) from the past week:

  • Worst texting: David Boreanz, to Rachel Uchitel, while his wife, Jaime Bergman, was giving birth. At least he walked into some way-too-easy Bones jokes.
  • Worst excuse for justice: Travolta extortion case mistrial.
  • Worst party foul: Stephanie Pratt getting popped for DUI.
  • Best planned collaboration: Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert.
  • Best tell-all name: Unsweetined (a Jodie Sweetin memoir).
  • Best tabloid kover: Kim Kardashian "having a baby."
  • Worst acting job: also Kim, on Brothers. Wow.
  • Speaking of celebrity gossip mainstays who try to act but just can't, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz got fired from Melrose Place. Not a moment too soon.
  • She should just stick to posing for magazines. They like to pay big money for just about any reason. Exhibit A: Kendra Wilkinson pregnancy pics.

Random Sex Scandal of the Week winners Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips!

  • ESPN analyst Steve Phillips gave us this week's random sex scandal, and it was a doozy, thanks to mistress Brooke Hundley, 22, his assistant at work.
  • Brooke went ca-ra-zy, harassing Steve's wife, Marni Phillips, with texts, calls and a letter she dropped off in person, resulting in a frenzied 911 call.
  • Speaking of 911 calls, Richard Heene, the father of Balloon Boy, was so full of BS when he first reported his son missing, we can smell it from here.
  • Police released text messages between slain NFL star Steve McNair and killer Sahel Kazemi. He was also tied to a second mistress, Leah Ignagni.
  • On a happier note, Marge Simpson Playboy photos were revealed. We know, it's all kind of weird, but people seem really interested in them.
  • These Robsten pictures are actually much hotter!
  • Man, oh man, Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck.

This is how Lindsay looks in court! Imagine her on the prowl at night!

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