Stephanie Santoro: Creepy Jon Gosselin Hacks Kate's Emails, Bank Accounts, Phones

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The former babysitter for the Gosselin family that Jon is also rumored to have nailed is at it again, blabbing to celebrity gossip sites and causing a ruckus.

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    RP kudos 2 U!!! I agree 100%! Kates attitude was a neccessity. My TwoCents - I dont get U! Nobody deserves to be cheated on. Fear GOD. Which of the Ten Commandments did Kate break?


    I don't blame him if he did! But coming out of stephanie I don't believe a word of it.Nine times for ( SEX )--I wonder if she kept score also on the performance.If,Jon even touched Her? Does she have pic. NO--JUST HER LIES!!I believe.Kiss and Tell--For What? to get her lying FACE in some magazine? That is what I thought-LIAR-LIAR--But she did give the truth out that she can be a SLUT-- AT lEAST ( 9 ) TIMES, SHE SAID SO HERSELF--LOL--Such a LOW-LIFE.


    It is very sad to see what has come of this otherwise sweet looking family. Kate was a bit to much with her attitude, but, can you all see now why the heck she needed to come equipped with attitude. With a low life of a husband who can not keep his pants up and then plays the part of a poor whipped puppy for the media...give me a break. You know, they claim to be "Chrisitans", trust me audience, the Lord does let this stuff go away void. Kate, you just keep loving those kids and being a great mom. Jon, I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Lord deals with you and your need for sex with any loosy goosy that you can corner. Oh boy, brace yourself Bud.


    thanks nancy now we're all gonna have our emails hacked lol [=


    I have a friend whose ex did this. All you have to do is go into the setup feature of her email and put a different address to receive a blind copy that doesn't show up on the incoming or outgoing e-mail. I actually do this for work so I can receive all e-mails at home as well as in the office.


    is anyone else as sick of these two ALWAYS in the headlines as i am? Its like Kourtney Karadshin all over again, every little thig of this family is in the media


    Why would he be interested in what shes up to any way? he never has before now!


    So now he is stalking Kate?


    Poor, Poor Jon. Some day you will wake up and smell the coffee, but you know what, it will be way to late. What was he looking for, his paycheck.


    jon did it! he is always the victim! lmao the victim.....

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