Lindsay Lohan Sucks at Fashion, Employment

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Bad business decisions are made all the time, but honestly, signing up Lindsay Lohan as a fashion consultant might go down as one of the all-time worst.

What did they think you were getting? If a company needed an experienced douchebag consultant, Jon Gosselin is available. That would make sense.

Lindsay and fashion, though? Where's the connection there?

The Paris fashion world never expected to see nipple slips pasties on the runway. Nor did Lindsay Lohan, the creative consultant behind the disaster.

Yeah, right.


WTF! Her expression kind of says it all. [Photo:]

The alleged actress was skewered by the fashion press for the first Ungaro collection she served as artistic advisor on. She blamed the fiasco on “coming in so late and having not that much time to do a whole collection.”

As for the much-maligned sequined pasties flashed by the models when they opened up their jackets and blouses, Lindsay Lohan told People at a Victoria’s Secret Velvet launch party in New York that she was as shocked as the audience.

“I wasn’t aware of the nipple tassels on the girls until they were walking out,” she says “I am going back to Paris for the next collection. I am learning.”

So, she was unaware, even though her job is to be a fashion consultant and the models were wearing the line's fashion. Congrats on a job well done!


News flash Lindsay sucks at about everything


she sucks at everything... i kinda feel sorry for her but at the same time i don't.


she really has to do something with her hair, it looks tacky too


"I wasn’t aware of the nipple tassels on the girls until they were walking out" - HOW COULD you not be aware of this Lindsay?


OMG - your not telling anyone anything new guys! lol...


i also feel kinda bad for her but i mean all that coke and drinking and acting like you can do anything in the world is what got her like that


i feel kinda bad for her.


Lindsay is busy with her production company,movies,modeling,fashion job,music,
her clothing and cosmetics businesses and other things.
Yet some losers say that she is washed up. We should all be so lucky.


Prior to the infamous Ungaro fashion show, she had told reporters that "nipples should be covered up" - hence the pasties, which she had also ordered their likeness be put on the foreheads of the models. Excuse me??? Lie much?


HAHAH I agree with the person above me. She needs to go back to being a red head.

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