Lindsay Lohan Swears Off Nipple Slips

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As an “artistic advisor” at Emanuel Ungaro’s runway show, Lindsay Lohan made quite an impression, and showed off maturity few knew she possessed.

Sure, the models wore Lindsay Lohan-inspired short Hollywood tramp chic pink dresses, but their blazers had heart-shaped pasties covering up nipples.

Eilat Anschel and Lindsay Lohan

Okay, so the spandex tops made the models look more like they were ready to get wild and dance on the table at a seedy club than walk the runway.

But everything was covered. Technically.

Lindsay told TheFABlife, “It’s not good to show your nipples so they should be covered.” Heart-shaped pasties are totally the best way to do it, too!

“I really appreciate everything that goes into, like, any article of clothing. I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s expressive in many ways,” Lindsay added.

Expressive indeed! When Lindsay Lohan walked hand in hand with Ungaro’s designer Estrella Archs at the end of the show, tears filled her eyes.

She was either deeply moved, or the withdrawal symptoms are really kicking in. Either way, we're glad her latest fashion foray was such a hit.

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wow. who cares?


Lindsay has been through the gutter and back, but she is trying to show she can be someone. I think she needs more volume in her hair other wise a very beautiful lady ....


the clothes are quite nice. i dont see why everyone doesnt like them and she looks quite pretty


she looks so horrible now she could of went places now she should just stay home geeze...lindsay go to rehab...honey!!


lindsay totally ruined herself with drugs...


Well this is a change from what she is normally doing so I can't say anything about her. She look good and healthy here but give her a couple of weeks and we will all see the true Lindsey...


Not good to show your nipples . . . thanks for the fashion advice. This is why Lohan makes the big bucks.


I am NOT a fan of this girl anymore! She always looks drug out wearing the most hideous of clothes so I don't know how she scored this job, especially it being in Paris - fashion cap. of the universe! Her skin looks gross as well, like fake tan missed so much of it! She used to be such a cute kid! I think she should go back to her original hair colour and embrace the red!


shes really ugly> :|