Jon Gosselin: Kate Defying Custody Pact, Keeping Him From Seeing Twins

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The war of words between Jon and Kate Gosselin simply will not abate.

The latest? Jon says Kate is trying to keep him from seeing their twins, Mady and Cara, on their 9th birthday Thursday. No wonder the kids hate them.

"She's trying to prevent me from seeing my kids on their birthday because she doesn't want to see me," alleges Jon on ET in an interview Wednesday.

Jon says if he rolls over and "obeys" Kate (like he did for the last, oh, 10 years or so), "That's like giving her full custody. She can't tell me what to do."

The two trade off living in the family's sprawling Pennsylvania home when they have custody. Kate wants him out tomorrow on Mady and Cara's b-day.

They both spend holidays and birthdays with the kids generally, but tomorrow is Kate's day. Jon says he's "just going to stay" when his turn is up.

"I own the house, so I can do what I want," he says.

She can't tell me what to do!! I can do what I want!! Me! ME!!! Jon Gosselin, the father of eight small children, is regressing into a child himself before our eyes.

Kate, who recently alleged that Jon stole $200,000 from a bank account and left her unable to pay bills, wrote Jon an email about their birthday, stating:

"Due to recent events, it will be too stressful to the kids to have both of us here as planned. I would like to split the evening so they can see us both."

She wants to have him visit from 4-6 p.m. that day, that's it. Jon says Kate's a liar, that ain't gonna happen, and she "doesn't want to work things out."

Earlier today, Jon said most of his kids "didn't care" when they found out he and Kate were splitting. They were probably glad to hear less bickering.

"When we told them we were going to get divorced, the 5-year olds said, 'What's for lunch?' The only two people who really cared were Mady and Cara," he told ET. "Cara broke down and Mady said, 'Oh, I saw this coming.'"

Whose side are you on?


Both of them need to quit talking to the press for the sake of their 8 children. If they are too immature to do it, then the judge handling the divorce should do it for them! Especially Jon on ET. Has he become a permanent fixture there? I used to be a fan of the show but I am so sick of Jon's imitation of a 12 year old that I cannot even look at his face anymore, let alone listen to him. Hey Jon - Yeah, your wife yelled at you a lot. So what. Grow up. Get a job, a REAL JOB, to support your 8 children. Stay away from Hollywood types like Lindsay's dad. Doing a divorced dad's show with him would only make your children more screwed up. (Look at Lindsay, for crying out loud.) And Jon, the tabloids and tv tabloids are NOT your friends, they're letting you self destruct for ratings. Good for them but BAD for your children. One more thing - if you love your children as you claim, QUIT SMOKING.


im so sick of seeing his face in the media


they should both just but away their egos and think of the kids


I am new to this whole thing and don't know the whole story... but I am confused... How can a guy who has Down Syndrome drive his own car, own a house and have all those kids?


I like the image that you see below, that is more interesting than this new....... I see old women and a Young women.


wahhh - it's a divorce for @#$# sake - stop fighting every fight/let the bait swim by and take the few hours. Try to salvage some dignity and not go to the media on every nth detail!


I don't feel like she's making the best discissions for her children.


He makes me so incredibly angry. Of course his five year olds "dont care," THEY'RE FIVE!


u dont deserve to see them after what u have put them throgh



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