Kate Gosselin Cries: I Can't Pay My Bills!

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Kate Gosselin says Jon Gosselin did indeed remove more than $200,000 from their joint bank account - all their liquid assets - leaving her with only $1,000.

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    You people cease to realize this woman is manipulative and wants people to feel sorry for her. If she had not spent the last 10 years treating her husband like a dog he would not be acting like one. She needs to understand that her children are far too young to make such an important decision and when they're old enough to watch these episodes they'll be scarred just the same as any child actor. Anyone who believe this woman has no money for food is a fool... or maybe if they hadn't bought a million-dollar home she'd be all right, besides, she said herself they have an account for the kids. Give me a break Woman (and her supporters).


    You could clearly tell from the very beginning that Kate was the camera freak; Jon seemed as though he was just dfoing what was expected of him with reservations, that its. No matter what anybody thinks of the marriage, when are we going to stop airing our dirty laundry in public. Tell me that kate didnt know their marriage was in danger?
    When we are trying to instill morals back into our culture, what are we going t odo with "KATE plus 8." They could have given "Octo-Mom" her own show if we wanted to dispaly another Single parent drama. Get A grip Kate; it's about the kids, not you or Jon andthey will get over not being on TV if you fill that void with something constructive.


    jon is such scum


    Kate is a money whore and Jon is a douche bag...And all there supporters are idiots...Im haveing to work..my husband is laid off and my oldest is in the marines fighting for all our freedoms...Help Me..America has there prioritys screwed...We are barely makein it.
    I bet half those kids are gonna be drug addicts and suicide statistics...and yall killed them!


    I guess the Kids had to pay for her new $68,000 Land Cruiser since she has no money. And for Jon, my advice is to run and never look back. I am tickled he withdrew that money. You can only imagine her control over money, she has to control everything else.


    Both the parents have problems. I don't see either one being the "good guy" or the "bad guy." After all, who knows the truth behind Kate's possible dalliances too. She's money hungry, he's money hungry...they both try to keep themselves in public eye, their problems in public eye. For them the publicity is money. He doesn't want the show to go on without him, he's trying to stop it. She's trying to keep the show going, for sure they both want their kids to have proper financial support, but at the same time they've both had the taste of rich lifestyle so for sure they are in it for themselves as well. Both of them may have good and bad intentions.


    Kate is an embarassment to all women. She should be strong and not whine on 7 tv shows. Looks like Jon won.


    I for one, cannot stand Kate Gosselin. She's been an absolute witch and now wants everyone to feel sorry for HER. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Couples get divorced everyday...she needs to get over herself. Get a real job like everyone else on the planet.


    Its sad when all you want to do is keep putting your husband or in Jon's case ex husband down, and trying to keep the media alert on everything. Kate has money all the shows she does,books,exc she cannot be broke,she is probaly just mad at Jon for taking some money out, when she left him to keep it all to herself. Its time to put the children first, they don't need this, there mommy on tv, other kids will just make fun of them in school or whereever. its not the kids that are upsette its kate she loves being in the limelight. Its time they both started putting there children first. Exspecially Kate she is the one that wanted out. time to grow up.


    i dont really like her or john but thats just sad! and i do agree with thomas. there are people in worse off then her but still.she is going threw alot.

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