Gosselin Kids to Jon & Kate: Stop Wrecking Our Lives!

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Cara, Mady, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin have had it.

Just as the Gosselin children were beginning to cope with the public demise of their parents’ marriage, the are forced with yet another heartbreaking loss:

A forced hiatus from their TLC show brought about by father Jon.

“They were wailing and sobbing; they are angry,” Kate said on the Today Show on October 5, arguing that the show must go on as she and the kids wish.

Jon pulled the plug on production last week, ostensibly because he cares about the best interests of the children. But as Nancy Grace called him out for yesterday, their kids' welfare was never an issue until the show was renamed just Kate Plus 8.

Despite saying he wants to keep his kids out of the spotlight, Jon seems to be seeking attention, partying and basking in the glow of his minor celebrity.

The Gosselin Kids Strike Back

Even their eight kids are starting to think Jon and Kate Gosselin suck.

“It was time to go, but our group started talking about an after party,” a member of his crew said of his recent night out in L.A. “Jon said, ‘I want to go to the party.’"

"By the time we got there, the party was breaking up, but he stayed.”

Also this week, the estranged couple have been arguing over the $200,000+ Jon reportedly took from their joint bank account, leaving Kate with a grand.

“I have a stack of bills,” Kate said, crying that she can't pay them.

While Jon calls Kate’s story a “complete fabrication,” the dude has been on a spending spree, jet setting around and hemorrhaging cash like a madman.

He’s not the only one, though. Kate is also guilty of airing dirty laundry, despite promises to keep things civil. All of which hurts her precious kids too.

“It’s hypocritical to say that ‘We have the children’s best interests at heart,’ then speak poorly about each other in the media,” a source says. “The children have a record of all this, and when they’re old enough, they’re going to see it.”

All we have to say: Free the Gosselin 8!


Hi Mommy!!!


All of this "he said", "she said". This is for the court to decide.... Not the court of public opinion....Kate has to air the dirty laundry...Please stop giving credence to this family.... nothing has been proven.....I do not believe these accts have been cleaned out. I am sure the bank has rules for withdrawals since this account has been marked as part of the divorce. TLC take this family off the air and Kate and Jon get your kids counseling....these kids need normal childhoods - why is everything handed to them????


Children is miserable & unhappy ! I could see that Jon left family for other women & party hard. Jon mid-crisis cuz he is so stress lot from children and wife. He is so wrong! He should have to stay w/family. Jon need to stop obsessed of kate's affair & pay her back w/his affair which he immature! He need to grow up. When kids grow up w/no bond of love w parents. Jon& Kate need to forgive/work out. Get family back together!!!


Please make Octo-dad go away. Please.


It's ok for Kate to spend money on herself but not Jon! From the time the show started, I could see that Kate was a controling and domineering woman with a short fuse.
Jon needs to grow up and show maturity and stop wasting money on his dollies because soon enough the money will run out and he will have to get a job at Burger King. He is being used by them but he thinks he is someone special.
Jon should not have had the only right to stop the show. It generates money also for the future of the children.


so tired of all the jon and kate drama, think of the kids


get over yourselves and think of the kids for a change!




JON YOUR AN !@##$%$%%&&(*(&*(((*&^^%%$$#^%$%&&^%^&$&^&&&)son of a bitch grow the HELL UP YOU TOOK THE MONEY BECAUSE THEY REMOVED YOUR SORRY ASS! I thought your wife was being a little mean to you at times motherly asmost, i see why.you need guidance you are acting like an immature spoiled BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although I think he did it for the wrong reasons, I think Jon is right in stopping the show. Both parents need to shut up and get out of the media and take care of their kids. As for Kate not having money to pay the bills, BS. She has been on so many shows lately and books, etc. etc. I'm sure she has plenty to pay the bills. She is just as bad as Jon.

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