Divorced D-Bags Club: Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan Kick it in the Keystone State

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If Jon Gosselin ever needs a way to blow off steam following his many bitter and public fights with estranged wife Kate, Michael Lohan has some ideas.

Lindsay Lohan's dad stopped by Jon's home in Wernersville, Pa., on Sunday to urge the father of eight to join the Celebrity Boxing Federation. Really.

"I am in the Celebrity Boxing Federation, so I had to go to Philadelphia to meet with the chairman," Lohan said. "They asked me if Jon would fight."

Jon declined. But the occasion at least afforded his dirtbag, train wreck counterpart to meet Mady, Cara, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin.

Gosselin, Lohan said, seemed like "an unbelievable father. His kids are the most adorable children and they love him very much and he loves them."

Funny, we've also read that they hate him.

The Biggest Loser

PUT 'EM UP: Who'd you rather get in the ring with and pound senseless?

During his 90-minute stay, Lohan also rode Gosselin's dirt bike around the property and discussed their neat reality show idea, The Divorced Dads Club.

M-Lo has been pitching that to networks since the summer, when the losers became fast friends partying in the Hamptons with Jill Zarin and Kate Major.

"It looks good," he said, adding that he hopes Jon will soon get out of his TLC contract with Kate Plus 8 "so that people can see the real side" of them.

On a side note, the following conversation just happened at THG's office:

Editor: Who the heck would willingly be friends with Jon Gosselin?
Intern: Some jackass who just wants to sponge off of his fame.
Editor: Who the heck would be friends with Michael Lohan?
Intern: A douchebag.

So young, yet so smart. This kid's getting a raise.

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There isn't enough time in my life to express how much I hate Jon Gosselin. I think he is the poorest excuse for a father, I've yet to see. I think he is the ugliest man on the planet, with the most disgusting mouth. It looks like he tried to spread his lips around a watermelon and they stayed that way! Yuck!!!!! He is fat and ugly. Period, and end of story. I wish I could see less coverage on this person. In fact, I wish he would just give it up and fade away.


They both should be in mental institutions.


those poor kids! i feel so sorry for them for having fathers like these two


who in the right mid would want to hang out with either of these two


at least lohan only had 3 to screw up, gosselin has 8. 11 kids who never really had a shot at being normal or having loving parents


come on up to receive awards for screwing your kids up for the rest of their lives


worst dads of the year awards go to...douchebag 1 and douchebag 2!!!


lovers????? lol... Oh this story is sick! wish these men would stop showing their faces in public!!!!


Two peas in a pod!


what a perfect pair of abusive fathers.