Barack Obama on Kanye Jackass Comment: Cut the President Some Slack!

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It was pretty much accepted as fact that President Barack Obama said Kanye West is a jackass for his infamous VMA stunt, but there's audio confirming it now.

Obama's comments are even funnier than you think, too.

The Kanye remark was recorded just before Obama went on camera to conduct an interview with CNBC, and was not part of any sort of formal interview.

Before the interview began, Obama was shooting the breeze in the studio and was asked about Kanye's antics, which he described as "really inappropriate."

Of Taylor Swift, whose acceptance speech West inexplicably hijacked Sunday, Barack said she "seems like a perfectly nice person" and "didn't deserve that."

He then offhandedly summed up Kanye perfectly, saying, "Eh, he's a jackass."

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Barack Obama's assessment of Kanye West is accurate and hilarious.

Perhaps the President of the United States was inspired by his interviewer referring to Kanye's ambushing of Swift as "giving her the Joe Wilson treatment."

After making the jackass remark, Obama asks "Where's the pool?" Someone in the background says, concurrently, "That's what Pink said!" Classic all around.

Obama recalled his last interview mishap, in which he was chastised for his ninja-like reflexes and killing an innocent, unsuspecting fly while cameras rolled.

"Cut the President some slack," he said.

To his credit, West has issued about 17 apologies since he rushed the stage Sunday, most of which appear sincere, and the latest of which Swift accepted.

Check out the off-the-record Obama audio here ...


people! our rights are slowely being taken away! do you not ever have a ignanceto? I know i do, and you will too soon enough!


LOL...That's some Obmama for yo mama!!! LOL..."Eh he's a jackass" funny and true!!!


thats right, kanye's a jackass for sure!


Guardian -- What the hell are you talking about? You freak.


thank you to Barak Obama both as a person, and as president. I agree wholeheartedly that Kanye West was a Jackass in doing what he did. It's nice to know that someone as public as President Obama has the guts to say just what he feels and not shy away and say something politicaly correct. Very refreshing.


Kanye West deserved more than that. Spank him!


When speaking to someone from the media there is no such thing as off the record, tape recorder come to mind potus. That is from a script that an actor /actress said in a movie or a tv show. Ethics haas nothing to do with it, you say it, yes it can be published. You have the bully pulpit potus. Many of us believe it would be better if you used your bully pulpit for the business of the US. Taylor is not old enough too have a beer, a soft drink would be acceptable and kanye nobody cares what he drinks.


Obama's just keepin' it real.


Hilarious all around!! Kanye deserved it completely!


hahahaha thats soo funny! i like obama. alot of people dont but you cant make everyone happy!

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